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Several reasons... I've been trying to analyze this, and this is what I got so far: the part that got me hooked was the end of the third movie, Bella found out who she was and decided to be it, despite how risky and scary that was. I've never been that brave, so I got addicted to the fact that she was. It was awesome watching her be so brave. I've also liked the love triangle. I've been involved is similar situations on and off, mostly on, for most of my adult life, and ashamed of it, and it was liberating to see that I am not the only one who has been so divided. But the below is my new thing...

Every romantic comedy of today involves a guy who is "almost" perfect except he's got some "flaws." These flaws keep him from being involved with anyone. Then enters a girl who is perfect, and they get involved. We sit glued to our seats because there is finally a girl who can love this guy past his flaws, maybe she can "fix" him and by being with her his flaws disappear? Of course, in he climax of the movie, these flaws that should be gone in effect re-emerge, and become the reason why he becomes treacherous, rude, unethical, mean, uncivilized, disrespectful, boorish, stupid, callous, etc. Then we wait for him to say he is sorry, at which point it accepted that now this girl must forgive him. Honestly, if she would do the things he did, we would string her up!

Twilight is different. Its like Stephanie Meyer is saying that we shouldn't have to put up with these cads. She is saying that that the men we pick should DESERVE us, they should be WORTHY of our love. She says that when the right guy comes, we should expect him to treat us with respect and understanding, that he will open the door for us and be a gentleman, that he will not use the excuse of our feelings to as an opportunity to stick his tongue down our throats or say "we love each other, why should we wait anyway?" That he will take care of us, and cherish every moment that he has with us, that we should expect him to do the right thing, even if it will be a sacrificing thing that will be extremely unpleasant for him. Of course, I doubt we'd be able to find someone like that... Probably because our kind and nurturing natures made the men believe that they don't HAVE to reach this standard, that as long as they don't fart in public we are placated. I think the message she is sending is wonderful.

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