I'm very curious ^^
I get into Twilight more than a year ago.. I was bored and I went into library and I saw the red apple.. the day after I was in the same library to buy new moon.. a week later I've read 3 times twilight, 2 new moon and eclipse..really, I'm seriously ill -_-''
I succeed to read Twilight in one night.. **
about you?
love xx

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i got in to twilight when the 1st dvd came, then i went and bought all the books and read it twice in 2 weeks!
i'm sorely tempted to read it again! lol
In May i decided to get a book as i was bored and looking at all the books in ASDA and remembered TWILIGHT the film had came out November last year and i never went to see it and i never aimed to get so addicted to twilight. I chose the twilight book and well first time i read it I FELL IN LOVE WITH EDWARD and the story, so i went out a few days later and bought all the saga and read it in 3 weeks :D and now i'm ADDICTED to Twilight!!!

WOW u read Twilight in one night LOL :) i can read about 3 chapters!! :)
I cant remember it was so long ago but i think i was on youtube and typed it in then i became obsessed my family thinks i've gone mad? But i dont care I LOVE TWILIGHT
At first i was all like whats the big deal about TWILIGHT it was a few months after it came out in the cinema and the books were out in the shops before i actually relised how inportant it was for me to watch it? I kept on thinking whats the big deal?
I saw the movie first and it made me curious as to what the book would be like. I went to the library to check it out and WOW what a great read. I have read the entire saga like 3 times. I watch the movie every chance I get. I am so Team Edward. Nov can't get here fast enough for me.
my friend wouldnt shut up about it, so i decided to see what the big deal was, and im like you, i try and finish some of the books in one day haha
my friend told me about it but i wasnt interested in it at the time then the dvd came out and i watched it then i read all the books that same month!!
I randomly saw the commercial and was like "whatever" then when we went to the library I saw it and I was like "might as well see what it's about" Now I'm completely obsessed!!!!
At first, I thought that Twilight is sort of a young teen's ordinary drama, then one of my bffs called me and asked me to go see it together. It turns out she loved the movie. But I didn't get that feeling. Yet. Then she 'influenced' me to buy the series. And now, here I am. Having a crucial OCD. I think it was January 09 when I first fell in love. Wow, it has been 6 months since then...LOL
Around Chistmas time last year I noticed all these Twilight posters in the cinemas, kept hearing about twilight all over the place but never had any interest in seeing it as I thought it was a teeny bopper movie. Then came january 2009, and my best friend gave me a copy of twilight and said that I just had to read this, that I would fall in love with it. How true her words were!!! In a matter of 4 weeks, i read the entire series!!! Only after did I finish Breaking Dawn, did I go and see twilight...3 months after its release date in theatres!!! I saw it on a weekly basis until it finished showing which was around the beginning of March. I bought the DVD on its release date and have since seen it at least 30 times! A few weeks ago, that same friend who gave me the copy of twilight (book) said " When I gave u the book, I didn't intend for it to become your religion!" LMAO!!!
Well, I've always told my kids to read the book first when it came to movies....and I do the same. So I had to give in and read Twilight before we could go see it.....so the Monday before the movie released in Nobember my addiction started!! The whole saga was finished within that week....and read numersous times since :)

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