I know y'all may be busy lately and I totally understand that 100%. it's just that I've been noticing y'all read other people's stories when mine are right under them and you don't even bother reading them. Ronnie I understand your comment thing is messed up so yeah. 

I put my heart and my soul into these stories and I feel like some of y'all don't even care anymore.

I've been here for over a year now and I've been writing stories for about that long too. I'm coming to think that you just pass by my writing because I've been doing it for so long that it's like nothing anymore. And I see why you would think that too. I just don't know anymore.

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My home button became loose and my iPod needed to get replaced. This is my second iPod.

Hayley-rose Call ;3 xo said:
With my iPod I like comment on someones story and then I go to comment on some-one elses my iPod closes down the Internet and won't open again... I think I need to have it fixed .. T_T

i understand that too. i haven't been on here as long and I know i am not that big a deal on here but i read everyone's stories when i get the chance if i can i just can't always comment because of the stupid app but anyways its always nice to get feedback nice or negative(particularly nice) because it means someone cares about what you are putting out there in the world

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