ok, so recently the new harry potter trailer thing for the last movie came out this week, and i was reading the comments and it seems like every really hard core harry potter fan was like "yeh so much better than twilight, twilight can suck it!" i was just wondering why do they say things like that??!!! like twilight and harry potter are 2 completely different stories!!! i don't know why ppl even compare the 2! i have absolutely NOTHING against Harry potter!! i loved it as a kid, i still have my little harry potter pillow but i'm just a MUCH bigger twilight fan than harry potter. But the harry potter fans right now are so annoying it bugs the crap out of me! not all of them, just the ones that compare the 2 and say harry potter is better. i get the Vampire dairies vs. twilight thing cuz they are much more similar. but wizards wands vs vampires and love conflicts...??? I would just like 2 know how some other really hard core twilight fan thinks, Does the comparision make sense yes or no, if yes than why that would be TOTALLY awesome=] 

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Yes i agree. I don't understand, they cannot compare these two series because they are completely different. In order to fully compare and analyze these movies, you would need to make a list of 'Differences' and 'Similarities.' But you wouldn't be able to do that because there are no smilarities except that they are both fantasy! Harry Potter fans just hate that Twilight is more popular at the moment. That doesn't mean it always will be though. They really need to give it a break.

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