Has any of you found your true love yet? and HELP!! Crush crisis!!

Hey everyone!! I was wondering, has any of you found your true love yet? If so I would love to hear how you enhanced him/her. The things is i'm in a bit of a dilema, I'm sure you've all been where I am at the moment, well the truth is is that i've fallen for my best boy friend, we've known each other since we were 3 basically and well were both in Year 9 now and the thing is is that he's already taken. I don't know how to tell him how I feel as im afraid what his reaction will be, if he will laugh,not speak to me again, or just look at me in disgust. These feelings started when we started our new year at school and well lets just say that my hormones had been playing hell that summer on holidays :L And I had only just started to notice the way his hair kind of curled on his forehead and I think he had been working out over the summer as his shoulders have gone broader and well he's gone taller. And I need tall boys as Im tall for a 14 year old in Wales 5ft 9inches!! To get over this strange feeling I went out with this other boy, but like usual turned out to be a right tosser. He cheated on me with one of best friends but Ive learned now on who to trust and what boys to go for but the thing is I can't get him out of my mind!!! Everytime I go out with my friends I seem to bump into him all the time, my friends think its well funny especially the other day as we bumped into him and he was with his girlfriend. 


Well I hope some of you can give me advice if you've been in my shoes before becuase it would be great. As I don't particularly want to tell my mother about this especially about my ex as I think she would tell my dad who would get really mad as to him i'm still his "baby girl". Well please leave comments for me to know on how you found your true love and if its working out great for you!! :) xx

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