Has anyone ever wondered if the actors of Twilight get the same impact from the movies as we do?

I have been thinking a little too much I think. I was thinking about how much I have enjoyed the books and then seeing them played out on the big screen. Most of us have fallen in love with the actual actors who portrayed these characters as well as the books, Robsten for example. Well I have seen the recent pics posted of them filming Breaking Dawn and it just isn't the same impact. I wonder when and if they, they actors, watch it do they have the same omg this is so good feeling or are they thinking about how each scene was made......... Hopefully I am making sense to someone in the Twilight community!!!

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I think it may be a combination of both -- when the actors are filming, they 'become' Bella and Edward and Jacob, etc., but then when they go over the dailies, they're thinking about how the scene comes across, how the portrayal of their character comes across, because that's their job. By now, all of these actors must know these characters inside and out; they fully embrace them and take care of them, knowing how thousands and thousands of fans rely on these actors to treat the characters with the utmost care and reverence.

Yes, I've wondered what the actors think when they finally get a chance to see the movie in its entirety in a theater. Maybe it's impossible for them to see Bella/Edward/Jacob etc as we do simply because they can't help but think about the circumstances surrounding any certain scene during filming (for example, Rob and Taylor joking with each other in the tent between takes, or Kristen getting sick in the tent). It's just the nature of the biz -- they're making a movie but at the same time trying to 'be' the Twilight characters as true to the books as possible.

And people think acting in films is easy. Ha!

Hope that answers your question.
I think they see from a purely artistic point of view.  I don't think they view it with the same passion that the fans do. I think they view it with 'acting' passion.  I mean, they probably want their best work out there and I believe they put their all into their acting. So they may look at it with a more critical eye.  If you think about it, most of the actors are not in the movie because they 'fell in love' with the story like the majority of the fans.  They applied after potentially being told 'something' about the part and, after considering whether the part would benefit their career, would have accepted the role.  I hope I'm not making it sound like I feel they are all calculating and only care about their careers, but I just don't think that they can 'see' the movies the way the fans do.  Also, if you are in a movie, you have a completely different view to it as you know all the hard work etc that went on behind the scenes, while the fans end up with the 'clean and shiny' product at the end, ie: the movie.  I hope you get what I mean.
@Eclipse I totally get what you mean and it makes sense.  I guess that choose that lot in life.  It just troubles me that they don't go and enjoy the movies like we do however again that is there choice.  It is hard to visualize and express what I mean.  I just hope for the actors sake they enjoyed the Twilight books and got something out of them like us fans because they are amazing.  I know Dakota stated she did.

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