Has Twilight become nothing but a mere movie in everyone's eyes?

The movie was not even close to the brilliant depicturing, writing, details, dialogue, of our beloved series. Who can honestly say they love the movie more than the book its self? If you can....you can not truly call yourself a twifan! The movie took out so much that its a shame really.....the acting could of been alot better and it moves fast through the parts that give you the information.....we didn't get the information about Carlisle....we didn't get to hear all the questioning between Bella and Edward....we didn't get the "scary story" Jacob tells Bella on the beach......=( but don't get me wrong i did enjoy the movie i just believe that the actual books are better and that everyone is too into the movie now and that everyone's main focus is the movie and not the series anymore!

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I think they are both good in thier own rights! I actually saw the movie before I read the books and I thought cool that was a nice movie with a good love story and it was only then after talking to a few people about the seeing the movie that I found out it was actually a series of books too. I was going on holidays and thought I needed some holiday reading material so I started reading Twilight and now I dont know if it was the best thing or worst thing that ever happened to me! Lol I just love it too much!! I couldnt stop reading the series for my whole holiday. But it was the movie that got me started on the whole thing... I totally agree with everyone it left sooo much out but hey thats what the books are there for. Oh plus how could I ever diss the movie when it has the beautiful, lovely, talented, amazing ROB PATTINSON??!! He just makes it worth watching over and over and over and over again :) xxx
I feel so bad for Rob i truely dont think he wanted all this attention or adoration, i've heard he's actually a closed up person thats not used to all of this and i'm sure the poor guy would love some peace and quiet.....but its his fault, its all just a part of being a movie star! Same goes for all the other actors etc etc
i didnt actually see the movie in the cinema cos none of my friends were bothered by it so when the dvd came out i bought it and watched it, i did love it but i just didnt understand the absolute hype over it tho i thought it was a very good movie but i bought the book anyway and THATS when i became obbsessed so i can truly call myself a twifan because ibecame obbsessed with the books so then obv made me obbsessed with the movie because it was about the books! ! i became addicted to the books and read them in five days and have seen the movie countless times and saving up my pocket money each week to go see new moon every week till the dvd comes out!i read them every day and can never seem to get enough of them but i loved twilight and new moon films too:D i thought they were both billiant but nothing can live up to the books:
I think we all know you can't translate a book to a movie and not leave some things out. Obviously the book is always better because you have more info, but I thought they did a great job telling the basic story in the movie. I thought Kristen and Taylor did a great job of acting. And Michael Sheen was great as ARO, very creepy...I am seeing it for the 3rd time today.
Thats all it ever was, merely a book and then a movie. And you are right, movies seldom are as good as the books although I disagree with the post above mine. In that yes you can stay true to a book. Infact movies afford the oppurtunity to include even more, as you can put information in there say as a prop, etc.....Leaving more time/space for information in the actor lines.

The fact is, they cut things out, because it doesn't jive with someone else's (the directors) view as to what the story should be like/about.

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