I bought it today I'm gonna watch it I've seen most of it on YouTube but I'm excited to own it!! I like this movie aww rob is so sexy!

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OMG i loved Rob in it but then i must say Art in how to be endeared hisself too as well as dali in Little ashes and i guess what I'm trying to say is I absolutely Love everything Rob does and he can sing just check out his rendition of Stray dog as well as Tsoundtrack version of Never think .. which brings me to another topic that burns my butt .. people having problems with the fact that root of the song never think is exactly the same as Too Far gone by Sam Bradley who co wrote both with Rob .. they are friends who started to write a song called too far gone then Sam moved tyo Canada so Rob took the song and made it in to his own called never think which in his voice is so hauntingly beautiful and Sam Kept on with his version tooo far gone. so all you critics both songs are two versuions started from same song words are almost identical and both versions are awesome. and not all UK people mumble just because .. Rob mumbles in his songs because he really feels the songs not because he is an englishman sigh shakes her head OK back to my bat cave
at least someone gets to watch it! I've seen most of it on YouTube also but had been looking forward to seeing the real one, not in increments. My husband went to a redbox machine this weekend and he calls me and says "They have The Haunted Airman, should I get it?" (my husband knows I love Twilight and it has RP in it) So he pushes the button for The Haunted Airman... I'm at home all hyped to see it... then my husband comes home, opens the case to put it in the player, and it's the wrong DVD!! AAARGH! It was a really really stupid Land of the Lost. I was soo disappointed! We did get two free DVD codes from redbox for the error though.
I have this on DVD I found it abit messed up, I couldn't really get the grips with what was in his head and what was actually happening. I didn't much like rob's character murdering her at the end either, but I thought Rob acted well in it.

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