Have you met RPATZ? Did it change you opinion of him? Good or Bad?

I'm wishing and hoping to meet RPATZ durring the filming of Breaking Dawn. I live in south Mississippi so I'm not too far from the shoot in Baton Rouge, LA. I'm just wondering if you have met him and and what kind of impact did it have on you and did it change your opinion of him, and if it did was it good or bad? Was he sweet, did he smell good, did you touch him... oh sorry I got lost in my fantasies, anywho just wanted to know, Thanks for replying y'all!

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i meet him on july 30 in my home town it made me fall more in love wit him rob is the best
rob did smell good yes i got pic wit him he told me i smell good too
See,that's soooo sweet, I would love to meet him, even for 30 sec. and I'm sure I would fall even more in love with him. I'm not crazy, thinking he's gonna be like "what's up" ya know, just a simple smile, maybe a crooked one. Thank y'all for responding!
No i have not sadly ,but if u do post what he was like please
Most deff will!
I think Rob actually has a smile that melts alot of girls hearts. I saw it when watching the clip on youtube of Kristen dropping her trophy on stage. Since then I have thought that he is probably a really nice ans sweet person. But what the hell ill never end up getting to go out with him even though we are close to age it will be ideal lol. Nah Ill just end up being friends at first and go from there if we met and he wanted to be.

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