This was a test I went between each fandom and said mean things to see how they would react and twilight fans by far are the most repulsive. Your "family" is a "family" of "people" that do not respect the opinions of others. Some of you show this, but two others were able to show that they are human beings with compassion and love. And here's the list of the most accepting fandoms

1. One Direction fans by FAR

2. Harry Potter fans

3. Beliebers

4. Percy Jackson fans

5. Gleeks

6. Twilight fans

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HANNA! lmfao I'm pretty sure you fooled everyone on here! Lol I don't hate you it very funny actually :p

Mrs. Cameron Mitchell said:
That was also part of the test Mich. It was one last prod at you. I know y'all have emotions and stuff and you're good people. 

Sawyeh_K(call me mich) said:

hanna this was kinda shocking cuz u know how i am very protective and im can be very defensive when it comes to twilight nd my friends so i dont really get why u needed to do this since u know im gonna throw curse words nd a gigantic hissy fit based on other girls ACTUALLY dissing us all like tht twihard101 b**** calling ur stories gay remember u got mad too so idk why u think we r so repulsive nd im not judging or trying t be mean or anything but we ARE a Family and we ARE people not what you think us to be as some type of monsters nd u know tht im really sensitive to situations lik tht nd we all still luv u nd i think it was very clever yet odd of u so kudos but i need and explanation

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