Today is my birthday. It's supposed to be awesome, but it sucks. :P First, in the morning I find out that i'm supposed to stay extra for school. :P once i got out, i went home and ate we left the house and my mom was going to find me a costume for halloween. I ended up with the worst one and i'm supposed to wear that for my halloween/twilight birthday party. :P I got home and rested for a while. usually by then my whole family calls and says, "happy birthday!" only 2 called. :P my dad called from work though, unfortunately I was sleeping and didn't get to hear a happy birthday from him which has me all paranoid now. what if something happens? his job is one of the toughest, (and most dangerous) one out there! and i didn't even bother coming to the phone and say a hello. :( my mom calls me later and says its time to cut my cake, as i go, my little sisters get in another fight and my mom got pissed. when i said, "Why even bother cutting it? I can't have a slice anyways." she got sooo pissed! she said, "if your going to cut it or eat one slice, then go back to your room and go back to sleep!" i went back because unfortunately, she was the only one there and she was pissed. my sisters didn't even bother going downstairs to say happy birthday and have a slice. all they care about is giving me birthday punches. so now im here crying my eyeballs out. HELP ME FELLOW TWIFANS! :(

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CHeer up girl. Its your birhtday. Get the movies - again - get some chocolates and whatch it all again, I promise you it will work. Twilight always work.

Happy Birthday!!! With Love from The Cullens
And Jacob says... "I wish wish wish I could be there to make your birthday better! Happy Birthday anyway, Diana!!"


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