hey guys..I heard that in Twilight(the movie) it was a scene with Edward&Bella kissing which wasn't in the movie or in the Deleted scenes...I searched sooo many times for it but..I didn't find it!Just a few pictures,like..little screencaps but..nothing more!so..could you help me?it is true or false about that scene?and..do saw it???

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Oh my god, i heard about this scene. But i thought it was fake.. but those screencaps look real, unless they're just incredibly well done manips.. sorry i can't help, but i'll be searching just as hard as you for this scene now.
well I'don't know what scene are you looking for, but if you want , check up my twilight videos
omg wow idk i didnt see it! mmm that is really strange
as I know this is the only cut sequence from a kiss scene in Twilight, is a scene when Bella pulls Edward into bed - this scene is in the appendices in the special edition DVD.I also saw a few scenes on Internet but it is an additional manipulation. If I find anything more on this topic, I will send immediately.
in the twilight movie ive seen it, it really is in the movie the kissing scene loool, its not photo minuplation ..how could u not see it o_o wat version r u watching..lol!
yes it is in the movie its just a different angle of the kiss in her room




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