I want to make one thing clear. I'm the only one who talks about glee, 1D, Percy Jackson, JB, ect. I do talk about what's going on in my life to. So maybe I don't like talking about the same thing and I like changing it up. Well this is a twilight website not a social network. I don't like twilight as much anymore. There I said it. I'm not team twilight I'm a gleek belieber directioner that's a demigod ninja that may have problems like everyone does in life.

I'm done. I'm gone. Idc how much y'all beg. I am done. I'm serious. I am gonna start a blog or something but I have Facebook email twitter and pal. Talk to me there.

Over and out. Nerd for life. 

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Who's Lexy???

Ronnie Martinez "twihard4ever" said:
Lexi started making new friends that's what happened.. The thing is she stopped talking to me and started keeping secrets.. Secrets she told other people that she just met!!!!!! U know that she got raped and was preggers right?!? Well guess what!?! She got an abortion and didn't fuming tell me!!!! Then she started saying how I wasn't being a good friend and I never was.. And I was like, well guess what Alexandria Anderson?!? I know things none of these b****** will ever know about u so go cry on someone else's shoulder... I haven't talked to her since, and never will 

Lizzie Cullen Clearwater said:
What happened with lex?

Ronnie Martinez "twihard4ever" said:
No not her she can suck it for all I care I don't give a f***... She's Alexandria.. This girl is Alejandra.. Yes it's a weird name cuz it's Spanish 
Damn she got an abortion??? How about ADOPTION!!

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