hey everybody......i know that somany people assking you this,,,,but..i wanna know why did u chose your team..???i wanna why is ecward/jacob better the the other....tell me all good and bad things about this two hooot guys......cause i don't know what to chose......so help me,pls.....luv ya all......xD

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I totally agree with this statement, it sums it up quite perfectly. I prefer the storyline and backstory for Edward over Jacob. Although the backstory I really like the best is Carlisle's. Pattinson vs. Lautner...as far as looks, gosh that's a hard one. Pattinson is sexier looking whilst Lautner is beautiful, he's a;lmost too beautiful, I mean some pictures of him he almost doesn't look real he's so beautiful like a Ken doll or something :-)

bwen said:
I'm Team Edward because I always fall for the tortured romantic, his love for Bella is so deep and the way he expresses that love is both selfless and selfish most of us would give anything to experience that kind of emotion.
Rob Pattinson for all intents a purposes has become Edward for so many fans, he definitely brought the character to life for me and the way he conducts him self off the screen he seems to have more of Edward in him then he realizes. But at the same time he is very unique, it's that uniqueness that makes him so attractive, besides his astonishing good looks and quiet demeanor.

No offense to the Jacob lovers but to me Jacob is shallow character, he is self centred, manipulative and a whiner, he comes across as a 2 dimensional cave man.
If you are asking about Taylor Lautner I don't know, he was only in the 1st movie for about 6 minutes and other than the trailers I haven't seen him act. So though I'm loath to say this so far I don't see him as any more than a baby face tacked onto a buff body that somehow just doesn't jell with the face. His performance in the trailers leaves me flat. There isn't any chemistry between him and Kristen Stewart on the screen, other than what friends or a brother/sister would have.

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