I know everybody hates Jacob for what he did in Eclipse and in BreakingDawn, and his attitude to and he is immiture. BUT I am a Jacob fan all the way. And aEdward fran to.

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anybody who is a jacob fan write me back.
i think the only reason jake annoys me is when he drools over bella..(b4 renesmee was born).i dont know,i just envy her. Haha.
Taylor Lautner is a better person in rl
i don't hata jacob. i love him! he is awesome!
Im' a Jacob fan..I love him, even if he is totally annoying but in Breaking Dawn he is my favorite person..Goo team Jacob/Taylor..
I could never HATE Jacob. Hate is such a strong word. Anyways, he is perfect in every way...just not for Bella... for Renesmee.
annoyed and hate are two different words. Jake annoyes me, but I don't hate him (just in a few scenes haha)
jacob is no where near hated in my world...i just think he wanted to be able to show bella how he "thought" he felt about her..i think he is so much happier that he realized that is was renesmee all along..GO team Jacob
i dont no how anyone could say i hate jacob.. he is so hot its not funny.. and he is such a great friend,,, i ni he gets annoying in breaking dawn but i dont care i love him to bits heheh hes awesome hes my favourite person in the bookss
I know who would hate Jacob. He's like one of the hottest guy's in twilight.
It's not Jacob I hate, but Jacob's actions.

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