How did Bella get pregnant if everything in Edwards body is supposed to be frozen(sperm)?

I don't get how it happened, because hes a vampire everything inside him is frozen from when he was human so how was he supposed to have sperm swimming around :| It doesn't make sense. Do you have any theories?!?!

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I'm writing my own vampire book that is more specific on those kind of details.

Rosalinda Cullen (Robstensparks) said:
Well...I mean a man doesn't have to change when it comes to babies. So...I guess that part of him stayed there even when he became a vampire, but the venom took over and created a venomous sperm. I know, it's kind of a complicated thing to think about. When I first read Breaking Dawn, I was like...."Wait, wwwhhatt?" Lol! But now it makes sense. And right, Cat King. He's not LITERALLY frozen, he's just stuck in this state with venom overtaking his body. So it only makes sense that he can still produce sperm. it's just a different type. Lol.
exactly! But if you think 'bout it too much it hurts your head. :)

lola taylor said:
in the books he says his body is frozen in time which includes his heart and everything so shouldn't his sperm be as well?
Stephenie didn't mess up. She has answered this question countless times. Go check it out on her website.

Shaun AKA TwilightTrinity said:
You know,I was discussing that very thing with a friend of mine.And we couldnt come up with an answer.I think Stephenie Meyer messed up there.I think that even fiction has to have SOME rationality.And as far as that goes,its not rational.I'm glad someone brought up the subject.Good job.

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