How Long Did It Take You To Read The Twilight Series, and what did you feel like when you first started reading the series WHERE U ADDICTED AFTER THE FIRST BOOK

As i was coming to the end of Eclipse, i notice that it only took me 1 and 1/2 weeks to finish the first 3 books. It is so weird i remeber starting the first book last Monday and now only one more book to go....and the worse part is im trying to read very slowly but i just have see what happens.
THIS SADDENS ME DEEPLY, i never been this into a series before, where it actual hurts to start the last book. =(

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It took me five days. I concentrated only on the essential tasks at home like peeing and making sure the kids had food. I read until 1 or 2 in the morning everyday, until my eyes closed. In the morning I started at 8:45 am after the kids were dropped off at school. Addiction is a .... ..... wonderful thing when it comes to Twilight : )

LOL..kl, I Know right =) Once you Get addicted you can never stop until you've finished it especially with twilight <3

Marta Szemik said:

It took me five days. I concentrated only on the essential tasks at home like peeing and making sure the kids had food. I read until 1 or 2 in the morning everyday, until my eyes closed. In the morning I started at 8:45 am after the kids were dropped off at school. Addiction is a .... ..... wonderful thing when it comes to Twilight : )

I think it took me almost a month! RL kept  getting in the way!

I heard of Twilight (book) when it first came out, but I was reluctant to try it. A few years went by and then while teaching at my middle school, all the kids were talking about New Moon, the movie; I realized the story  might be just for teenagers. I sure was stubborn! In October 2010, I read Twilight as part of a book challenge between teachers and students and I got permanently hooked on the series, the actors and the movies! I finished Twilight, New Moon and a quarter of Eclipse by Christmas 2010. I joined the Twilight Saga website in January 2011 and by February-March, I was into Breaking Dawn. I cried my heart out over the wedding, honeymoon, Renesmee's birth and especially, Bella's transformation and Edward's anguish that he might be too late to save Bella! I thought for sure, Bella wasn't going to survive----I actually prayed to God for Edward, Bella and Renesmee while I read; everything was so real to me! I never knew there were so many Twilight websites until I explored Stephenie Meyer's website; that's when I discovered the Twilight Lexicon and Twi-fans! It's been an incredible rush; I never got into a book series this deep, (and I've read all the Harry Potter series,)! I'll never regret it, never!! I've reread each book and Midnight Sun, at least 5 times! Now I'm discovering and to further my Twilight addiction, LOL!! I vote the People's Choice, MTV, you name it and I'm proud to do it! 

What was your favorite PRt in the books and movies


In Twilight: The van near-miss, the Port Angeles rescue/date inside La Bella Italia, Bella's resolve in the forest to love Edward no matter what danger to her very life, the MEADOW (swoon!), their turn-taking "question/answer" days (so sweet!), Bella meeting the Cullens/Bella's Lullaby/Bella's hope to Edward: as a future, complete married couple & Edward's quiet heartbreak (I cried!), the rescue and that prom! The movie meadow scene should be redone with more romance, partly sunny skies and while Kristen and Robert are still young looking enough; I think the fans would certainly forgive a bit of physical aging as long as it was Kristen & Robert! That meadow was what made us all BELIEVE in a world called Twilight and fall in love with Bella/Kristen & Edward/Robert. You almost can't separate the character from the actor here and we got a glimpse of Kristen & Robert's loving relationship (the prom kiss!)from the start. Sometimes, when I watch Twilight, I get an intuition that at the prom, when Edward/Rob asked Bella/Kristen if she was ready right then to become a vampire, Rob was also asking Kristen, "Bella & Edward faced a real challenge...Are you ready for all the media invasion on our love, too? I'm nervous....but I'm ready!" Look very hard at Robert's face and for brief seconds, Kristen almost looked like she resolved everything in her heart too! It's an incredibly strong, spooky chill I get! 

In New Moon (movie  & book): Jasper's thirst, Edward's leaving (I cried again!), all Jacob & Bella interaction, werewolves, the race to Volterra/Volturi, Edward and Bella's reunion and Edward's renewed belief in God and Bella, the vote and Edward's first proposal! The race to Volterra/reunion scenes were terrific! I tell you this, I bet a lot of companies wish they had backed the entire Twilight Saga; the winners: Volvo, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Chevy, Ferrari, Honda, Jeep; Apple will always be known as Bella's/the Cullens' computers; and it doesn't matter that Virgin Airlines doesn't really service Italy: in the movie, Virgin got Bella and Alice to Italy in dependable time, LOL! Virgin saw the fun and sales factors---very smart marketing! Forks & the real La Bella Italia restaurant reaped some benefits; it's aided the Quileute Nation in some respects! 

In Eclipse: Jasper and Rosalie's origins, the training in the clearing, Riley & the newborn vampire army rising from the lake like the old The Creature From the Black Lagoon horror movie, Charlie & Bella's sex ed chat, Edward defending Bella's honor after Jacob kissed her, Bella & Edward's intimacy scene and that PROPOSAL (I adore Edward/Robert's audible, nervous, venom swallow, don't you!? Perfect to the moment and character! My heart squeezed; I cried as I read it and watched it!) and I loved the movie's excellent treatment the TENT scene as Jacob/Taylor and Edward/Robert let their guards down and revealed their hearts about Bella!

In Midnight Sun (MS): Stephanie's device, Edward's POV, using the same titles and mirrored actions within Twilight; Edward's realization that he loved Bella and Edward wanted to be worthy as Bella's sweetheart, the creation of Bella's Lullaby (sigh) and the Forks HS boys vs. Edward's human jealousy resurfacing. The scene where Edward pleads with Carlisle to help protect other women, from Lonnie and his gang, absolutely touched my heart!!

[MS page 214="Still, it can’t be right to leave a serial rapist and killer wandering Port Angeles!  I don’t know the humans there, but I can’t let someone else take Bella’s place as his victim.  Those other women—someone might feel about them the way I feel about Bella.  Might suffer what I would have suffered if she’d been harmed.  It’s not right—"  ....  Carlisle answers on page 215: "I'll take care of it. You can rest easy. No one else will be harmed in Bella's place.”]

In Breaking Dawn, Part 1: the wedding, that moonlight on the ocean/honeymoon, Bella's pregnancy/Edward hearing Renesmee inside of Bella, Edward's anguish as Bella transforms. I have to say it-- we were gipped out of that wedding first dance and reflection in the windows scene between Bella/Kristen and Edward/Robert! I wanted to see them dance to Flightless Bird or A Thousand Years---both are a waltz tempo and Robert's musical talents could have absolutely steadied he and Kristen. I bet Robert is smooth on a dance floor, given half a chance! Here's a perfect re-shoot opportunity!

Stephanie Ann Head said:

What was your favorite PRt in the books and movies

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it took me about a week to complete all d 4 books..the book on bree took me a day more..

but still, i keep sort of revising those books,cuz i just cant stay away from them for a brief period of tym..

Tried to stay away from Twilight Phenom. Daughter said have to watch Twilight with  her. So did in 2009.  Still tried to stay away. She called and said, "Mom, you have to watch New Moon.  It's so INTENSE!"  So I did. Got hooked, but not addicted.  Then had to see Eclipse. "Got addicted enough that I couldn't wait to see Breaking Dawn to see what happened.  So read the books in a week and cried like a baby.  Now I am so addicted that I cannot put them down.  Have read them each at least 12 times and have to see the movies every day.  Have seen them each at least 30 times.  I can't break the addiction to Jacob's pain.  I cry after each part of his pain. I just got into this so I'm bummed that I missed out on all the hype and it all is coming to an end.  The thought of rebooting and anyone else playing these parts especially Jacob makes me hyperventilate.

When Twilight movie first came out, my friend keep asking me to read but i refuse to read. I'm not a fans of book, i'm a slow reader and usually i would only read a book up to pages 100 and i have to re-read again cos i don't understand what's going on. But recently, i decided to read it and i just can't put it down once i have started it. I took 3 weeks to finish it and i can understand all the part without having to re-read it..

I read the three books probably from one to two months. Eclipse I finished it in two weeks, and I'm only half way through Breaking Dawn. :) 

It take me about maybe one day or two days or a week

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