How Long Did It Take You To Read The Twilight Series, and what did you feel like when you first started reading the series WHERE U ADDICTED AFTER THE FIRST BOOK

As i was coming to the end of Eclipse, i notice that it only took me 1 and 1/2 weeks to finish the first 3 books. It is so weird i remeber starting the first book last Monday and now only one more book to go....and the worse part is im trying to read very slowly but i just have see what happens.
THIS SADDENS ME DEEPLY, i never been this into a series before, where it actual hurts to start the last book. =(

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The first 3 books took me about 2 weeks but then I tried to slow down because I did'nt want the books to end!! :D
first book about 2 days
second book 3 days
third book about 3 days
fourth book about a week so i can focus on it. I need to reread the books.
At barnes and noble (this was shortly after Eclipse came out) I spotted Twilight and thought the cover was I bought it. 11:30 that night I figured I read a little before time I looked up at the clock it was 4:30am. The next morning I finished, and that afternoon on my lunch break I was out purchasing the next two books. I can't explain it-it captured my heart like nothing else ever has!
To be honest it took me 2 months also to read all the saga . The books were awesome but my favourite was Breaking Dawn but also love Eclipse.

When I have more time I will read them again
i had heard about twilight when the film came out...but had not read it. I got the book from borders in new york. After reading the first chapter...i really started liking it as twilight is very different from other books....i couldnt stop reading , i finished the book by night. The next day i went immediately to borders to buy the movie and new moon , eclipse and breaking dawn. i saw the movie and i fell in love with robert pattinson! i read the series in four days and completely fell in love with it! i really want stephenie meyer to continue midnight sun! So i knew by the time new moon movie came out i was hopelessly obsessed!
It took me about 2 weeks to read the whole series but I found when I picked up Breaking Dawn I was just starting holidays and it took me 2 whole days of doing nothing but reading and sleeping when I put it down finally at 3am. It is my favorite one of the whole series even though I am addicted to the whole series and have read the whole thing threw more then a few times. I found out about the series the summer before the first movie come out so I went out and got it and I think Breaking Dawn just come out in hard cover and I read them all.
Jessye said:
each book took me a day, im a really fast reader. But i couldnt get my hands on the last book for EVER
OMG same :)
I was critically ill so my mum got the last one for me (I waited til I had the last one) and read each of them in a max. of 8 hours. I became OBSESSED XD
i love to read,
so i finished the sagas in 4 weeks,
so about a month!!!
i just can't stop,
so everytime i feel bored to death and i have nothing to do,
i would read and read it,
and i never get tired of it!!!
it took me 2 weeks to read the books i got hook after the first chapter iv have reread the books lost count of how meany times and the dvd is on replay
it took me like about 9 days i just couldnt put them down i was unemployed and borrowed the series from my cousin because she used to bragg so much about it and onece i finished the first book i was so glued on to the and couldnt put them down now im just so anxious to see all of the movies
It took me a week to blow through all four. was the strangest thing because I've never felt so attached to a book series like that. I mean, literally, there was some kind of emotional, powerful pull.. I couldn't name it, didn't understand it. It was amazing, and I just couldn't get over the fact that vampires and werewolves were put into such a different category of purity. It fascinated me, really. So, yes, I am emotionally addicted to Twilight and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's brought me to tears, it's helped me through situations, it's made me dance around the house, it's..basically improved my life. And I wouldn't have it any other way. By reading and seeing the Cullens who are these creatures, these...demons...who find themselves and make better choices, really gives you a sense of hope. It shows that you don't have to do what everyone else does and that you don't have to give into peer pressure, that you can actually do something with your life. The Cullens aren't demons, they're people. They're just people who didn't choose it. But they can still overcome it. Just like you can overcome any obstacle in life if you put your mind to it. And...the best thing was Edward and Bella and Jacob. I didn't look at it like Edward was better than Jacob or that Jacob was better than Edward or that Bella was worth being jealous of...I looked at it like they were all important to me. How they all want to be the best person they can be. Bella's strength, her bravery. Jake's love, silliness, immaturity, and attitude. And Edward's carefulness, beauty, and his pure love towards Bella. Edward's love shows people that they are worth something, never nothing. So this story is something to really admire and to take a very careful and close look at before you start saying things off the top of your head because it's so abstract from anything else. The Twilight Saga is special, and it means something. It's not just Jacob's abs and Edward's's WAY more. And I'm glad I found that.
god, this is so embarrassing, but... it took me only one week to read Twilight, New moon, and Eclipse.
I didn't read the Breaking Dawn yet, but I guess it's will take me three days.Maximum.
I went crazy! I mean... I never felt like it to any book.
The Twilight Series is the best!!! :))

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