How Long Did It Take You To Read The Twilight Series, and what did you feel like when you first started reading the series WHERE U ADDICTED AFTER THE FIRST BOOK

As i was coming to the end of Eclipse, i notice that it only took me 1 and 1/2 weeks to finish the first 3 books. It is so weird i remeber starting the first book last Monday and now only one more book to go....and the worse part is im trying to read very slowly but i just have see what happens.
THIS SADDENS ME DEEPLY, i never been this into a series before, where it actual hurts to start the last book. =(

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yer i did! of course!! or i wouldnt be here right now!!!!!
12 days,
2- NM & Eclipse
I found it a bit boring at first but then I got into it it.
i finished the book in exactly 5 days
Well i watched twilight and my friend told me to read the books as they are so much better.. so i went out and brought New moon,Eslipce and Breaking dawn.. I finished them all in a week i could not put the books down and i had to know what happened at the end.. it was so tempting to skip through them but every part of those books was interesting.. I loved breaking dawn and i just read rob said he will be doing it YAY.. Ive also never been a book person i cannot finish a book ive started, this is the first time ive sat down and read a whole series let alone a book LOL
i finished the 4 books in 1 week :) started reading twilight as soon as i came out of the book shop....was so so intothe books,cudnt put them down.....
well....I'm on my third day and I'm on chapter 9 of Breaking dawn....I'm a fast reader....It MIGHT only take 2 days for breaking dawn....
I am almost done reading them for the 4 th time in 6 weeks. I am obsessed with them. I wish there was a part 5 there is so much more than could happen. I am so looking forward to seeing New Moon , but most of all I am dieing to see Eclipse and Breaking Dawn!!!!!!!

Daniella Swan said:
it took me a week, i would read all the day, not kidding!, and when i finished i started reading them again! in a different language, it was sort of different so, but still i was like living in a twilight bubble, i would read everything about twilight i would find :D
i always hated reading like you wouldnt believe, but one day i just read twilight and got addicted! I read all 4 books in a months time, and now i like reading just about anything. The Twilight Saga are def. my favorite books though! I read them before the movie came out, and after i went and saw it.
My dad told me about this new vampire book that he was reading. He knows what a big vampire nut I am, but I was surprised, cause they usually aren't his thing. Anyway, I picked Twilight uyp while I was out and read it in 14 hours. I didn't stop for nothing! I couldn't get enough! I went out the next day and picked up the rest and read them in four days. I was so sad when I got through because I wanted MORE!!!!!!! I went to Stephanie's website read Midnight Sun and Started reading them all over again. LOL
Okay, I used to be quite a bookwormie haha, but when I first heard of twilight I honestly only read it (it hadn't long been out) so that I could debate about it with a friend - she was off to do English Lit at Uni and I thought her "type" of book was slightly um contestable for someone about to do a degree in it! Chick Lit casual styles, I wanted to "discuss the literature". All sounds a bit serious right?
So I bought rather than borrowed a copy to make a point. My intention was, read the first quarter and then discuss why the idea is cheese and novel badly written.
I have never been so wrong.
I read the whole book in the space of a few hours and then New Moon...soon I found myself yearning and waiting for the next book!!! So I just re read the ones that had come out and until Eclipse, then Breaking Dawn came out.
I have never been so impressed with the consistency in character, style and energy in a series before.
That's why I love the twilight saga and that's why I always will!
Daniella Swan said:
it took me a week, i would read all the day, not kidding!, and when i finished i started reading them again! ...I was like living in a twilight bubble, i would read everything about twilight i would find :D

Same! I went on Stephenie's website and read every extra bit, every update and all the news articles including her online FAQs :)
It took me 3 1/2 days to read Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse...... I would of been done with them sooner but at the time i sadly didn't own the series and had to borrow my friend's and she only let me take one book at a time lol. It took me almost 3 days to read Breaking Dawn cuz i didn't want it to end soooo soon =( and I had alot of homework to do lol. So it took me a week hehe i can read all day long =) and I also went on Stephenie's website and read every extra thing that goes along with the whole series. After the third chapter in Twilight is when I started to get addicted.....after that i could barely put the book down and i hated having to wait for the next but luckly i made it =). But to be honest this is my favorite series but i have alot of other series i love which are awesome i love this series I'm reading right now its called Maximum Ride:the angel experiment by James Patterson which is about:Maximum Ride a fourteen-year-old girl with wings who is the result of some experiments at a secret lab to inject avian genes into human embroyos. Max is the oldest of the six members of her family, or as they refer to themselves, the flock. The others are Fang - a taciturn boy who is four months younger than Max; Iggy - who was blinded by experimentation on his sight at the lab; Nudge - a young girl who talks non-stop; and two kiddies, the Gasman - an eight-year-old boy with persistent intestinal problems and Angel, his six-year-old sister. Max and her companions were kept in cages and subject to repeated scientific experiments during their life at the School (as the lab was called); they were eventually freed by one of the lab scientists (who are referred to by the flock as Whitecoats) named Jeb Batchelder. Jeb secreted them at his mountain home and raised and educated them; but Jeb suddenly disappeared two years ago and the flock has been on its own since then. Suddenly, Erasers (experimental beings also developed at the lab who can morph into powerful vicious wolf-like creatures) raid the family's mountain hideaway and kidnap Angel. It's up to the flock to save her. And thats just the first book its really good so anyone who needs a new series to read check it out =) If you like fast moving, page turning action and excitement you need to check it out =)!

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