How Long Did It Take You To Read The Twilight Series, and what did you feel like when you first started reading the series WHERE U ADDICTED AFTER THE FIRST BOOK

As i was coming to the end of Eclipse, i notice that it only took me 1 and 1/2 weeks to finish the first 3 books. It is so weird i remeber starting the first book last Monday and now only one more book to go....and the worse part is im trying to read very slowly but i just have see what happens.
THIS SADDENS ME DEEPLY, i never been this into a series before, where it actual hurts to start the last book. =(

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Well it took be about a week to read the whole series!! but it really took me a day to read each book! im a fast reader!!! i couldn't take my eyes out of the book i had to read 24/7 if i have to or want to!!
Isabella Diaz said:
Well it took be about a week to read the whole series!! but it really took me a day to read each book! im a fast reader!!! i couldn't take my eyes out of the book i had to read 24/7 if i have to or want to!!
First time: 3 months Twilight to Breaking Dawn.
Now: 5 days Twilight to Breaking Dawn, including Bree's book and the Half of Midnight sun....
I came late to the series - About February of this year, I happened to come across Twilight in paperback and because I was between books (I always have a book I'm reading), I picked it up, my younger co-workers had been talking about it, but I really couldn't imagine that a "young adult" book about vampires and werewolves would appeal to me. Boy was I wrong! I consumed Twilight in 2 days (you really can read 400 pages overnight) and went out and bought New Moon which I also read in 2 days. At about this time, New Moon came to our dollar theater and between February 14 and February 27, I saw it 8 times. By this time I had bought the DVD of Twilight and watched it over and over and over. Prior to Stephenie Meyer, I almost never read a book or watched a movie more than once, or even bought DVDs. Of course, I bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and I would say that by the end of February I had read them all. I went in March to the Midnight DVD release party at Borders for New Moon and now I watch Twilight and New Moon back to back times without number. I have re-read all 4 books times without number as well. I went with my younger co-workers to see the midnight release of Eclipse, saw it in Imax a few days later and saw it 2 more times, back to back a few days after that. My daughter is just bewildered by my obsession, but she's OK with it cuz, bless her heart, she loves me. Oh, I am 64 years old.
2 weeks 2 read all 4
yes rereading eclise 4 4th r 5th time.
maybe 6th
It took me at least 3 weeks to get finished with the twilight series. I'm still addicted, and strangely i'm okay with that.
it took me three
when i read the series it only took me about eight days. i was into them i couldnt stop reading them! they were the first books that i voluntarily read lol and how you said it was the first books that i actually read and was sad to be on the last one.
I HONESTLY read them within a week less
I finally decided to read Twilight back in May of this year, I wanted to read the books before I saw the movies. Took me a week to read the first time then re-read them immediately and that took 2 weeks reading slower. And this is while having a full time job and being a single parent to a 3 year old. I borrowed Twilight from the library and then half way through it I was hooked. Went and bought the first 3 in paperback and the DVDs of Twilight and New Moon and borrowed Breaking Dawn. I will buy Breaking Dawn when it comes out and I will re read them all again. Bought Bree Tanner when it came out and took me less than a day to read. I like to read so I have a book with me at all times. Can't wait to read them again and again and again. Have watched Twilight and New Moon 10+ times each and have seen Eclipse 2 times and plan on see it a few more times while still in theaters. :)
I started reading the first one at about 10o´clock in the morning, and then at 4 o´clock in the afternoon I noticed I had finished it. I just couldn´t stop reading it. When my mam noticed I´d finished it so quickly, she came and confiscated the rest of the books so I wouldn´t read them so fast. She eventually gave me New Moon after two weeks had passed, but it felt like an eternity. I read that one in another day. After another two weeks I got Eclipse. I was staying over at my aunt and uncle's with my two younger sisters, so I only got half way through it. Then I stayed up all night reading the rest of it. I remember how weird it felt when I was reading that chapter, Fire and Ice, when they're camping, because I was reading all this in a tent in my uncle's back garden while it was raining, windy and cold. Then I had to wait a month before I got Breaking Dawn. I took two days and one night with that, because the part when Jacob is telling the story irritated me and I got a bit bored. I can`t stand the wolves. So, when I finished that I wanted more, and I read the saga again. And I still read it again and again and again and again. I think it was in the middle of the first book when I got obsessed, I´m not shure.
It took me 4 days, but I don't watch TV either so I have a lot of free time.

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