How Long Did It Take You To Read The Twilight Series, and what did you feel like when you first started reading the series WHERE U ADDICTED AFTER THE FIRST BOOK

As i was coming to the end of Eclipse, i notice that it only took me 1 and 1/2 weeks to finish the first 3 books. It is so weird i remeber starting the first book last Monday and now only one more book to go....and the worse part is im trying to read very slowly but i just have see what happens.
THIS SADDENS ME DEEPLY, i never been this into a series before, where it actual hurts to start the last book. =(

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Well took me about 2 months to read from Twilight to Eclipse. Mostly because I had to wait for paydays and then I had to ordered them from Amazon, and wait for them to arrive. But it took me about a day or 2 to read each book. I read Breaking Dawn in 2 days. I was seriously addicted after reading the first book. I actually read it a couple times before I got New Moon, lol. Then I read Twilight & New Moon a couple more times before getting Eclipse. Same thing happened before I got Breaking Dawn.
it took me about my whole spring break which was 2 weeks to finish the series..and after reading the first book i was totally addicted!!!! i couldn't stop thinking about twilight and what was going to the first book that i read is new moon and then i read twilight i still would have been addicted..i'm sad that the series ended =[..but midnight sun is going to come's basically the twilight series all over again..since there are four books coming out..but they are in Edward's now we can know what he was thinking..breaking dawn and eclipse were really good
each book took me a day, im a really fast reader. But i couldnt get my hands on the last book for EVER
It took me 5 days for twilight and 3 days for New Moon.
I'm reading Eclipse now (7th day).
I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one to read the books so fast. It usually takes me a month per book, cause I mostly read 30 minutes a day.
people even started calling me ill and obsessed :D
i was told about twilight by a canadian fb friend and bought it on a monday, on tuesday i went and bought the other three books. I had read them all my the friday of the same week, then read them again to see if i had missed anything. Since then i have read the entire series 4 times, finished breaking dawn 3 hours ago so watched the film again (for the 7th time).Guess i got addicted by page 37. Mind you the housework doesnt get done so regularly now.
I read the first two books in two days. Couldn't put them down. Unfortunanetly I don't have the cash at the moment to buy the other two, and am on a long long waiting list to get them from the library so I'm "held up" at the moment. And it sucks too, because I don't know what happens and I really, really want to know. I am sure I could ask ya's here, but I want to read it myself to find out though. :lol: God the anguish! I can barely stand it. Thank god I can sort of get a small bit of my twilight fix here. (would you say I am addicted?) :lol:

In all seriousness everyone, Mrs. Meyers, at least as far as this series goes so far, is a really good author. There are not many authors who can hold my attention that long with a book series. Because of this I predict she will become one of the literary giants of the modern era.

Well i really didn't know about the books. i saw the movie first and after seeing it for like 3 times i begged my cousin to buy the books for me so she did. it took me like 2 weeks to read them and i've recently started reading the saga again. i like to play the movie twilight while i read. so like many others i now know the lines to the movie.
The first time I read them, I read them all very quickly. I finished Twilight in less than 2 days. I read New Moon and Eclipse, back-to-back, in four days. It took me longer for BD (because it's basically at least 4 books in one), but it didn't take me more than four days.
1 week for all the books and the piece of midnight sun stephenie posted on her site... and then i said to myself " AND THEN WHAT??"
i read all off them i one was a month before the movie came out....
and i didnt stop reading them over and over again...they are just so addictive...=)
it took me 5 days to read the entire saga, and yes i was hooked from page 1..

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