How Long Did It Take You To Read The Twilight Series, and what did you feel like when you first started reading the series WHERE U ADDICTED AFTER THE FIRST BOOK

As i was coming to the end of Eclipse, i notice that it only took me 1 and 1/2 weeks to finish the first 3 books. It is so weird i remeber starting the first book last Monday and now only one more book to go....and the worse part is im trying to read very slowly but i just have see what happens.
THIS SADDENS ME DEEPLY, i never been this into a series before, where it actual hurts to start the last book. =(

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I saw the movie a few weeks ago. I knew people were hyped over the books and when the movie came out there was more hype, but I have a busy life and don't get to read much. I watched the movie to see what all the hype was about. I would see Rob's pictures on magazines and think "well he's a cute guy but what's the deal?" And he looked really familiar but I couldn't figure out why. Now I realize it was from Harry Potter-Goblet of Fire. Which I should have known because I thought he was quite handsome back then! So after watching the movie, I decided to read the books. I finished all four in 1 1/2 weeks. I even paced myself while reading Breaking Dawn because I didn't want it to end. I've just finished reading the amount of Midnight Sun available on SM's website and some of the fanfiction, but I want more!! I am totally addicted. I can't wait for New Moon to come out in November. I anticipate starting the books all over again soon! I'd love to read four more from Edward's perspective and I'd like to see the story continued with Renesmee and Jacob!
It took me 2 weeks. I have a 4 month old, SO I read it every night after she went to sleep.
yes i was addicted after the first book it took me 2 days to read Twilight 3 days to read New Moon and 4 days to read Eclipes and 3 days to read Breaking Dawn once i started one i had to finish it and get the next book asap!!!!!!!!! I stayed up for hours reading every book untill they were finished then i had to read them againg i love Twilight!!!!!!!
it actualy took me longer than normal cuz i didnt have all the books at 1 but it took me about 2 weeks. i was like hooked after the first chapter, i got into a lot of trouble Lol
I was addicted after I read the first book and cryed all the way through the second book
it took me a week to read one book(and it depends on my schedule)over all i read the saga for almost 1 month...yes,im really addicted when i finished the first book...i almost cried to my parents cause i really want to have new moon and eclipse...

now im finished reading but still hooked and rereading!hahaha
I read the first three books in a day each then breaking dawn took me 1 1/2 days. Once i started to read the first one i couldnt put it down it is so addictive! lucky for me i was in between jobs so it didnt matter that i stayed up all night reading them!!
i really had no interest at first. i saw stephenie meyer on ellen one day and i LOVE to read.. but i just wasn't interested... one day i was at the library and i couldnt find anything. i saw twilight and thought, what the heck? so i brought it home and as soon as i opened it, i could not put it down. i ended up running to the store and buying all four books. i read them all in eight days... they were amazing and now it has become my life....
and PS... i am so with ya... i was depressed for awhile after finishing the books. i didnt want them to end.
I was at just under 2 weeks for all four books, it took me one day to read what there was of Midnight Sun... I probably would have had it done sooner but I have three kids, two dogs, two cats, a horse and a husbandin the military plus I work full time.. but my lunch hour (even today) is eating and reading... (six times for the series, I am back in New Moon, slowing it down and learning things I would have not thought of before!!! (See my blog about light bulb moments in New Moon!)
it took me about three weeks to read all four books...and I'm so sad that I'm finished!!! I was hooked after the first one...I watched the movie with my mom and just HAD to read the book after I saw it...I'm so glad I did! I was hooked after the first chapter! I've never been this 'into' a book series husband got so mad that I wouldn't put the books down!
i read all the bokks in less then 4 weeks

and after twilight i wanted more

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