How long do you think robert(edward) and Kristen(bella) love/relationship last?

how long do you think they will last?

Many people are saying it will and then again it won't also i mean he's proposed many times and was denied and then they also want a long lasting relationship as many magazines say....they are the hottest couple but what to say.....

In my opinion, i think they will because luckily kristen not the jealous type lol!! by that i mean all his female fans going crazy over him. Also because the way they interact with each other also i hope it lasts:)

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hmmm i actually prefer not to think about it)i just enjoy seeing them together. hope they`ll be together as long as possible!
Adijah how do you know that Kristen is not the jealousy type?:))
thanks for replying and olga she just seems that way to me
i don`t know, i hope so.i just love them!)

me to. tey were perfect for the twilight saga
yeah!totally agree!!so now i can`t imagine saga without them and in opposite-them without Twilight saga:))
yeah i totally know what you mean i know assoicate them as the edward and bella now and the same for the rest of the gang to. i mean they just fit
*have you checked out my blogs i think you might like tem tey would probably make you laugh lol :)*
Well in the real Life ,I have my doubts about their relationship, but for the twilight saga they're perfect and Forever.
It seems like they really care for each other, I think they'll make it...hope so anyways I'm pulling for them Team Robsten
i understand what ya'll are saying
thanks for replying :)
Sarah, where did you hear that???

Sarah Jessup said:
i think they will last aa very long time and i heard he is going to take her to her favorite restrauant on her birthday and propose to her

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