How many of you can't wait for New Moon? How many of you cried when Edward left?

I can't wait for new moon. I can't wait to see Italy. I cried sooooo much when edward left. I hated how he told her that he didn't want her anymore, and I absolutely hated when bella tells jacob he's sort of beautiful. She is always saying that she just like him as a friend, but when she said that, it didn't help anything. I cried out of joy when edward and bella were together in Italy and how when they get home he says "why can you believe lie, but not the truth?" Bella: "It never made sense for you to love me, I always knew that" So basically I love the pages 508-512. They are the best in the book!

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Sorry I can't reply sooner. Homework gets in the way. But I know, I don't like Jacob either. I hate how Bella says she just wants to be friends with Jacob, but when she says "you're sort of beautiful", she messed everything up! Kristen isn't a good actress. She has no emotion, she blinks TOO much, and she always says: "uh" or "um", and when she has to stutter, she doesn't do a good job. I wouldn't have given her the part. Yes, she LOOKS very similar to the way Stephenie describes her in the book. I'm not blaming Stephenie. I'm blaming summit. I don't know how they decided to chose her. Did they chose her because she looks like they say in the book? But its too late to replace her now. But then again they replaced Rachelle. She wasn't a main character but they still did it. And a lot of people liked Rachelle as Victoria. Do you think Kristen makes a good Bella?

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