How many of you cried when you read New Moon and Edward left? How many of you are gonna cry when you see the movie?

I am so gonna cry and I cried when I read it. It was so sad.

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i cryed in both the movie and the book. i also cryed in New Moon when they are in the forest at the end and Jacob runs away i just started to cry. :(
I always cry either when i see the movie or i read the book ......
i did cry but i wanted to becuz like i was so so so sorry for bella , she didnt dersevre that at all and i was actaully like so mad at edward i was going so swtich temas there for a mintue but he came so i was happy at the end to see they got back together
Yes New Moon the book was quite depressing.
I felt really sad for Bella especially the part at the end when Alice came back and Charlie was telling her what Bella went through.
When Bella simply didn't want to get up in the wood, that's just break my heart, and as the page turn blank... or in the movie the scene with the 'possibility' song, i simply cry... it's so devastating
In the book i cried when i re-readed in the movie i didnt cried because when she fell i thought it was a little funny :S i felt so mean when i laugh in that part :S!
I came very close to tears when reading New Moon, but it was all over so fast and I new what was going to happen. But there was a pool of tears on my laptop and tears streaming down my face, I could barely open my eyes when I read Black Moon.
Its a fanfiction version of New Moon from Edwards point of view.
Read it, it's pretty good and SO sad! The person who wrote this makes it clear she is not trying to copyright and does not own twilight, just wants people to hear Edwards side of things. She's also re-written Eclipse from Edwards point of view and called it Shroud ....
AND she's also finished off Midnight Sun, from where it has abruptly stopped on Stephenie Meyers homepage after being leaked.

And it's so sad the bit in the movie where she's sitting at the window and the months go by and 'Possibility -Lykee li' is playing. And the bit in the book where there are 4 blank pages just with the months on them, so heart-breaking.

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