How many of you would cry' or at least be sad' when shooting of Breaking Dawn ends ? As we know it'll be the end of the best saga !

Boo me , I'll cry !

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I think it's going to be strange,empty and boring without Twilight!!!!!!!! uh I'll just have to find something else to be obsessed of
maybe It will be a good thing,maybe I'll just start to be normal again ''NORMAL???!!!" WTF am I saying Normal, NO NO NO NO, I do not want to be normal again, I love to be Awkward LIKE KRISTEN OR BELLA , Normal will be boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!
GOD I'm talking to mi self !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Twilight
I will cray mi eyes out ! That's why I wish they'd make into three movies instead of two !
People , I am actually pleased with your answers ! Keep on putting it !
StephyLuvsB&E said:
I for one will be very sad and devastated to see this phenomenal saga come to an end!!!
I love it soo very much!!! Edward, Bella, Jacob, the whole Cullen clan and Wolf Pack-----I love them all!!!!

We have followed this incredible journey through Bella's eyes in the stories and movies, and to see it end will be sad!!

At least, we will always have the books and movies to look back on! That is what I am grateful for :)

The fact is that we will always have the books and movies to look back at when the series finishes. But from the interviews it looks like the actors are ready to move on. Oh well I wish them all well on their future endevors but I will always have the Twilight Saga.
I too will be heartbroken when the filming is complete...and i've seen the movie. Just like when I finish reading the books, everytime i'm depressed that the story ends. So then i just go to sleep and dream...and make up my own story lol.
I found myself during Eclipse dreading the end of the movie because I was loving it soooo much!
So yes, when it comes to an end, i'll be depressed and looking for a new fix!
I wish they would come out with a series on TV....if Friends can pay a million an episode per actor, they can pay our vamps and wolves the same...and then we can follow our friends for a long time lol.

TeamEdwardForever<333!!=) said:
OMG! as soon as the shooting ends, i will cry! or even worse, when the movies and done and they're out on DVD that's when I'll cry. I will have nothing left to do w/ my life! i seriously won't!!!! When the credits roll in the movie theater for Eclipse, i will be sad cause we only have 2 more movies left. Well really only one but you know what I mean! Ahhh. :( soo sad!
ill totally cry!!!!!!!!
You know, I will be sad but glad because maybe I will get my life back!!! LOL
i will be really sad maybe cry
I will definately cry like a complete idiot. Hahaha.
I am definitely would cry... I hope SM would have something for us to cope with the end of BD, though... like the Midnight Sun? :P

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