When my friend said to read twilight, i wasn't sure. but now i am the biggest twilight fan in Berkshire, so i put it on myself to get all my friends to read it.
My running total at the moment is:

- 12 girls
- 3 boys

I also annoy my friends by testing them on the books, which is funny

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Ooh good question! Humm no boys yet :( but I think about 10 girls at least... What I find really funny is that I read it like a year and a half ago and I would walk around the school reading it and my friends would be like "what's wrong with you? why do you keep reading that book?" and then when they read it, they all couldn't stop reading it XD
4 girls . How pititful. I suppose it's because I annoy the crap out of the rest of them by comming out with something Twilight related every few minutes. If I didn't, it would be unlike me. Most of the class in my school is reading it now, although there are some idiots who are only reading it because they're calling Twilight 'porn'. I know, I want to beat them senseless too...
I haven't influenced nearly that many, but I have gotten to two girls at work, grandma, and almost there with my mother-in-law.
Well when Look back I know that my friend Kay read it when I said I loved it, then after that I got about three online friends, and a old work friend, my little brother big sister and mum all to read Twilight and my niece Toya is going to read them too.
I tried to get my friend Sheryl to read the books, but she brought them, but is waiting on the movies.
I am ashamed of her, cos books beat movies every time!
I've influenced many girls at school, maybe about 12. Also, my mom and my brother! :) I also got my bro's girlfriend. That's pretty much it.
Hm, I've got 4 girls and 1 boy. I've tried to get my best friend to read it but due to me blabbing on about Twilight 24/7 she's grown to hate it -shocking, I know! - however I've got one of my close friends to start liking it, when she used to really dislike it before too. XD
Let me think....

-12 girls
-1 boy
only two. my mom and my aunt. i don't have any sisters and my best friend is a pretty devout evangelical, so she's not interested, and my other friends read it before me. although i think i've softened my bff up some and i think she's considering it now. i highly doubt it, but if i keep talking about how great the series is maybe she'll take my advice and read them. only time will tell.
Three girls
One Boy.

But I've also convinced my boyfriend to read the series...he just hasn't picked up the books yet...due to the fact that the nearest library is forty minutes away and his mom isn't going to buy him books that he might not ever read again...and I live 3.5 away from him and can't mail them to him. So eventually he will read them.
6 girls... + my mum
but no boy...

And with the girls: I talked every minute about the books, so they started reading them, too...
And my mum likes almost everything I read, so sthe loves it now, too!
2 girls
2 boys
Wow erm I've lost count!!! loool i was desperate to get everyone and anyone addicted!
must be about at least 10/11 ppl mayb more tho!

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