When my friend said to read twilight, i wasn't sure. but now i am the biggest twilight fan in Berkshire, so i put it on myself to get all my friends to read it.
My running total at the moment is:

- 12 girls
- 3 boys

I also annoy my friends by testing them on the books, which is funny

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I have gotten two of my GF's to read Twilight and we all have seen the movie at least twice. I haven't gotten any guys to read it yet but I do know one guy that has seen the movie!
Not many so far. I got my Dad to read all the books (plus The Host), and my cousin. One guy I used to speak to online from the US got to New Moon as far as I know. Not sure if he carried on. Another cousin said she wants the books for her birthday. Two of my friends are considering it, but that's all.
i've gotten about six people to read Twilight which is really bad but hopefully they'll get thier friends to read it then everyone will read it lol
mmh my best friend, 5 or 6 friends in france and my mum + my aunt. :)
I have gotten most of the ladies I work with to read it.... about 9 of them... and then about five of my friends outside of work are all obsessed now because of me!! :-)
Almost my entire high school has got a hold of it. The entire senior class for sure. AND most of the teachers!!
my brothers (2 of them) and 3 friends
I gotten all my best friends to read and that includes Missy! I was the one who got the Twilight trend started at my highschool that I graduated from a year ago! I just recently got my step-mom to become addicted to the series! You can say I am Twilight Addictor! I get people addicted to Twilight! lol
well my mate got me into it an from there -

my mum, sister, best friend, cousin, aunty and 4 people I work with

pretty good I think
18 Girls and 23 boys
Some of the people I don't even like

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