My life will never be the same its like a baby to me i would hate to loose it what about you?

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It changed my life SO much. I love I use to think Vampires were written as these evil monsters, but now I know they all aren't. I use to hate Hot Topic because it was so gothic, but since they sell Twilight merch, I really like the store and now I know that its not all bad. Im also a happier person over all :)
its different. Its on my mind for 75% of the time. Im just worried for when its over. Then what?
it changed my life complitely, i have always love to read books and stuff but, when i read the twilight saga.. oh... it was like i were living in a dark and then i saw the light...
when i saw the movie i fell totally in love with robert pattinson, before that i didin`t even know about the actors and so on.
Now its like i can`t go anywhere without thinking twilight and of course rob....
im driving my sister crazy about my twilight obsession...
Twilight saga is the best.... ; D
Well if i never read the twilight series i would probly be bored out of my mind ,it inspired me to read more even i used to just watch t.v and be bored on the weeknds, now my weekends are devoted of course to the regular fun stuff but when im bored i read books but they have to be exciting though, when i was reading the books i would spend alot of my study hall at school just to read them .I was so exited i finished twilight,new moon and ecplise in four days but four days for each one though and breaking dawn in five days/ With out this series i would be nothing but a boring person at school i talk to all lot of people because of the series, so in a way it got me more friends that i didnt have last year which i thank too stephanie myer for writting this incredible story that i love so much and some people say twilights dum and stupid and i say no t your the one who is stupid for not reading it ,i get very defensive about twilight ,sorry but i have too i love that much:)
it changed all of it, im such a different person and i hope this obsession never ends, i'll love to grow up with it.

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