How obsessed with Twilight are you?
These are just some of my way OTT obsessive traits:
1] I open my window for Edward so he can come in and call out his name so he knows he can come in.
2] I have a homemade Edward doll
3] I have 320+ Twilight pictures on my walls [and other places including my ceiling] and yes, I counted them
4] I still have the tickets, pop corn box and soft drink cup from when I saw Twilight
5] I cried when I was in the same building as Nikki Reed and Edi Gathegi even though I did not see them
6] I have 1,840+ Twilight files on my computer
7] I check at least 9 different Twilight sites daily to ensure I know all the news (and I usually check them more than once each)
8] I have notebooks that are filled with quotes, questions and other info from the Twilight books
9] I pretty much got the Twilight craze starting in my school
10] All my friends tell me I need to get a life because I am just too obsessed
11] I have giant signs on my windows saying "Twilight. ♥ Edward Cullen is mine," on my windows so when people drive past they can see it
12] I bought Twilight in Japanese when I was over there and used my extremely limited Japanese knowledge to successfully find some quotes
13] I have been known to bite myself
14] I have developed this thing where when I am crying, I don't have tears even though I can feel myself crying (just like a vampire)
14] I counted down the HOURS until I saw the Twilight movie from days before
15] I have made loads of my friends hate Twilight from how much I talk about it
16] I have made other mums read Twilight without even talking to them because of how obsessed I am
17] I have made over 10 Twilight quizzes which are now on the Internet
18] I have been on the radio three times because of how obsessed I am with Twilight and one time they called me
19] When I received a text from a friend about a competition on the radio where you could go to Italy to meet the cast I dropped everything ran straight to the radio and when I heard the song, I was dialing like crazy. When I heard my dad talking on the phone, I started screaming at him and I was shaking and crying as I kept trying to dial. Another time, I was sitting for hours (literally) trying to call the radio station to get tickets to see Twilight. I never got through. :'[
20] When I was talking about the possibility of the Twilight cast coming to Australia with a friend (something that has not been talked about yet) I was jumping, screaming and trying to talk so much that I was struggling to breathe. If I was asthmatic, I'm sure I would of had an Asthma attack
And these are just a few examples of how obsessed I am. XD
How about you? How obsessed are you?

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haha LOVE IT! I'm soo obsessed with Twilight!

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