sorry, this might have already been talked about, but I am new to the site. I have not been this into anything since Hanson came out! :) I will be 25 on June 29th

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I had a similar story to your friend. My friend dragged me to see Twilight and my first impression was that it was the gayest movie I'd ever seen. How Edward was always staring at her and being a creeper in general. I expressed that to the friend who subjected me to it, since I take pride in not being a girly girl and liking romantic stuff. But I went home that night and secretly downloaded it to watch it again without anyone knowing... =P And I've been shamefully in love with it since then!

Lydia said:
LOL... I thought I was Crazy!!! I just turned 30... Glad I'm not the only Obsesed Twilight Fan... And I haven't been this Crazy about anything since New Kids On The Block lol!!! And Even then I wasn't this crazy about them. My Best Friend 29 is into Twilight... I made her watch Twilight... She thought I was crazy... She fell Shamefully in Love with it... lol she refers to herself as a "NERD" now ... lol.... ITS ALL MY FAULT!!! My husband is into the story... I made him watch Twilight too... We Dragged Our husbands to see New Moon on openng night at 12am the 19th... My husband is 37 and hers is 32 ... they both liked it and can't wait untill Eclipse... They of coarse arent GA GA over it like my best friend and I are but they know they like it lol
I am 22 years old, married, really new to this site. Never been this addicted to movie or any book since well never probablly lol.
im 15 :)
hey im 13 :) suprised at the range of peoples age here :S hehe
I'm 24 and be 25 on feb... mommy of two...
i am 25. my mom is 46, she watched Twilight recently and like it))she is waiting for the New moon on DVD to watch)
Im 13 i will be 14 finally on the 22nd of Jan!!! im going to london wiv my mum to shop!!
I'll be 25 on the 22 Feb...and Im having a Werewolves & Vampires party to celebrate my 1/4 centurys birthday!!! LOL!!
i am 21 =)
I'm 15 xD
>:) You'll never Know...
I'm 22 going to be 23 in January.

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