sorry, this might have already been talked about, but I am new to the site. I have not been this into anything since Hanson came out! :) I will be 25 on June 29th

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Im 20 :) I'll be 21 in March.
ill be 17 in march
i'm almost 15........)))))))))))
I agree! There are about 10 of us at work who are obsessed! and we're all over 40..............its so fun!!!!! I have pictures of Rob up at my desk, and my work neighbor and I share a Rob calendar this year!!

Barbara Lee Grey said:
ok im 49 gess im oldest my kids are 19 and 21 they call me a twigeek and i say thank you a friend turned me on to twilight last summer i have been hooked ever since and have returned the favor several times it just something that gets a hold on you and its FUN so this old lady says ENJOY
I'm 15, urgh.
I'm 21
i am 20 and will be turning 21 next spring -arpril 17th
No need to be sorry.. I don't mind responding.. I am 34 and pretty new to the site too. There was a sorta similar discussion, but the person asked if she was to old because she was like 36 or something. But its cool.. I was just telling my friend I haven't felt this kind of fandom for something since New Kids on the Block LOL.. that was so long ago. But welcome to TwiFans!!
I am 26 and married. My Husband thinks it funny how obsessed I am with this... & Im in love with Edward/Rob. haha.
Happy belated Bday!

Sarah Anaya aka Cookie Monster ! said:
im 21 . . . woot , woot . . lol i actually havent really celebrated my birthday , im not a big fan of drinking or gambling . . . but n e whoo . . all my friends love twilight . . and most of them are my age or older . . and gina i know what ya mean i havent obsessed about something since the backstreet boys . . i could never really get into hanson sorry ^_^
OMG. I totally didn't see the year on this post.. my bad.
I am 15 :)

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