sorry, this might have already been talked about, but I am new to the site. I have not been this into anything since Hanson came out! :) I will be 25 on June 29th

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14 in december i ' ll become 15!!!!
I'm 25.
Hi, i'm 35 and have never been so obsessed with anything in my life, i went to LFCC this weekend which was awesome and i have just booked to go the Twilight Prom, my friends all think i'm mad!!!
dont worry not all twilight fans are tweens.
I'm 30 :)
I am 60 and totally hooked on the Twilight series. My family thinks I'm crazy, but there is no age limit on love and romance, right? least I hope not! Edward dazzles me and I just can't get enough! I can't wait for New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn to come to the big screen! Stephenie is a brilliant writer, she leaves you wanting more and I hope she continues so we can see what happens to Renesmee and Jacob.
i am 15!!!and i love it!!!!
30...and still have a thing for Rob (and Taylor but that could be illegal in some states)
I was 24 on the 16th July!
I am a shameless Twilight fan. I started reading the books when I found out that my grandchildren were reading them. I like to have something to be able to talk to them about. Of course, I am much more hooked on Twilight than they are and have even gotten my daughter (42) interested now and several of my class mates. Guess I'll never grow up.... I am 65.
I'm 13(:

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