sorry, this might have already been talked about, but I am new to the site. I have not been this into anything since Hanson came out! :) I will be 25 on June 29th

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I'm 16 years old too! Hey do you want to be friends on Twifans?

-Liz Wharmby

Gia said:

i'm 16...
27yrs old
do you want to be friends

Shaun AKA TwilightTrinity said:
27yrs old
I will be 39 this year:) 

I am a very cool 61 - will be 62 in October - and married to a great guy named Edward.  Yes, really.  He even likes Twilight (although not as much as me).  We were walking in a parking lot yesterday and he saw a silver Volvo C30 and said, "Look, there's Edward's car.....we should get one of those."  Very cool! Gotta go put on my skinny jeans and Converse low tops.

Nice to meet another Senior Adult that obsesses with the Twilight Saga too!  I can't get into my skinny jeans anymore and I have developed foot problems and can not get into mine any longer.  LOL.  My husband just shakes his head when I put one on.  My daughter was shocked that I was a TwiMom!  LOL.
@carol s you sound like a very cool 61!  Luck you to have your own Edward.  You should get a volvo.  I have driven volvos long before Twilight and love them, great vehicles!   Smiles to you.
Yeah, me too!!

Stephanie (luvtwilight72) said:
I will be 39 this year:) 
14 baby(; 15 in August!
Im 20 :)
im 14

im 25


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