sorry, this might have already been talked about, but I am new to the site. I have not been this into anything since Hanson came out! :) I will be 25 on June 29th

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Thank God....there is someone else out there addicted to Twilight like me....I seriously thought I needed help!

GIGI1231 said:
I am married, with two young kids. Oh, and 35 years old!
Thank God....I thought there was seriously something wrong with me....I am just to old for this!

ReneEsme said:
Hehhe I'm 32. I got 2 daughters.. and I'm totally IN LOVE with everything about Twilight... Sometimes it feels sad to be a TWIAddict in a closet just because of my age...I think, that Twilight unfortunately is marketed only as a teen story...But there is so much more then just that about that story.. Anyone cares to share their thought about that?
I'm 24 married with a 8 month old little boy
20 but 21 on the 8 of oct
. Actually I'll become 23 in 9th of October.
Im 18 and loving it!! But specially loving the Twilight Saga!!
I am 24 !!! from California!!!
I am 24 with a 4 year-old-daughter who also loves Twilight. Well, she loves Jacob anyway. Of course I wouldn't let her watch the movie (call me overprotective; I think Twilight might be a *bit* too violent for a toddler), but she likes to see pictures of Taylor. She also loves the sound file I have on my phone of him saying 'don't get me upset.' It's too cute.
17 (:
i'm a mommy to a 9 month old, and i'm 21! and i couldn't agree with you more about being this obsessed with something since way back in the day!! haha.
Almost 25... I cant say I have ever been into something quite this much :)

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