sorry, this might have already been talked about, but I am new to the site. I have not been this into anything since Hanson came out! :) I will be 25 on June 29th

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Since I talk about the Twilight Saga so much, I convinced my 85 year old mom to start reading them.  Since she usually prefers non-fiction, that's quite change for her.  She just started Twilight, but she likes it (not loves it - yet).  She's already asking me to reveal future events.  Her first question - Does Bella marry Edward?  It's a love story for all ages.


So I guess these stories appeal to people from 4 to 85.  SM is quite a story-teller!

OK.  OFfically I'm not the oldest Twilight fan!  That's a load off!  It was a big responsibility being Eldest!  LOL.  Does your mother ever get on the computer?  Maybe you should introduce her to us too!
So glad you don't have to keep up that responsibility any more. :D  She is limited in her computer capabilities.  She uses email and writes letters, that's about it.  She doesn't quite understand why I like Twitter or reading blogs.  But she does seem to enjoy it when I share trivia and info with her that I find out on websites.  I'll ask her if she's interested in joining us Twifans.

My 12yo son just finished reading The Hunger Games in school.  I didn't read it but he told me all about it.  I think that was way too violent for a middle school assigned book.  However, he enjoyed it and is continuing with the 2nd one Catching Fire.


I think I'll just keep re-reading TS and having happy dreams.


Actually I just started reading SM's "adult" novel The Host.  The beginning is a little hard to get into because there's not really any interaction with others - it's just internal "mind conversations."  I'm at the point where there is some interaction with others, and I'm getting into it a lot more.  There are 2 more books to follow The Host - as well as the movies - so that may be the next big trilogy for SM.

Me too!  And my daughter wouldn't let the girls watch the Twilight movies!  So this summer they're going to see them at grandma's house!  LOL.


I just couldn't get into the Host.  I kept putting it down and going back to the Twilight Saga.  I am soooo hooked on them.  I have no idea how many times I've gone through all of them.  I do know which parts I like the best and have edited what's gone into my iPod.  I didn't really care for Book 2 of Breaking Dawn, so it's not included.  I know everyone else did, but I really didn't.  I jsut like to look at Jacob, not listen to him!  LOL..

Im 38 have one daughter 3 bostons and a wonderful boyfriend
You know it seems the majority of people who've spoken up are way out of their teens!!!
Add me to your list, Granny Fairy, I'm 36.  I have 3-year-old twins who aren't too keen on Twilight because it makes mommy not pay attention to them....My husband calls me his "adolescent" since i've been hooked on the books...

Oh I love this!!  I think we should form our own club.  You'd have to be over 30 to join!  LOL. 

I'm 19 gonna be 20 soon. 
Will be 24 in July(:

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