Edward carried to my room, carrying me and it felt like I was six again. I fell asleep in his arms while trying to stay up and watch movies with Emmett. I was already falling asleep either due to the fact that I was screaming and trying to figure out how crazy James was about me or the fact that Jasper wanted me out of there and was sending me sleepy emotions.

I was too comfortable to let go of him but that was too late to think because I was already in my bed. My eyelids drooping as Edward sat down next to me as he hummed my lullaby. I was about to fall asleep when Edward's presence was fading my eyes snapped open.

"Edward don't leave me," I pleaded. "If you leave I will have nightmares." I gave him a pleading look and he sighed, gave me a crooked smile and then laid down next to me.

I cuddled up on his chest and he out his arms around me. I couldn't bare how much trouble I have caused. I mean, once again Bella you have brought trouble to this family. I wanted to lose my danger like a kid looses money. Except on purpose. I mean look what I've done. Connor attacking me, the Volturi coming to get me, Maria and the newborns coming, and now I have a stalker ?!?! I wish this could all just go away. Just in a blink of an eye. Edward described it so easily. But I think there was something he wasn't telling me. Something BIG.

"Edward-" I began but Edward already turned me around and crushed his lips on mine. He knew that by one touch he could have me forget about everything. And I did. James who ? We were kissing for about three minutes. His scent filled my mouth and my head. Wow after a year or so of us being together, I still couldn't get over how he kissed me. To me he was kissing me for hours, but in reality it was only a few minutes.

He started the kiss, and he had to end it. "Bella, nothing is going to happen to you I promise that. If he even touches a hair on you, I will snap his neck in two. Bella I love you, and I swear I won't let anything happen to you." He had that look in his eyes of sincereness.

God I love him. I was about to kiss him when he turned his head squinting his eyes. Then out of no where something smashed into one of my windows and Edward pulled me across the room. He was shielding in front of me blocking me from something.

I stood on my tippy toes and then saw something wrangling on the floor to get up. Then he turned his head towards me and smiled. I gasped.

It was James. He was here. He smashed into my window?! How creepy could he get? Edward was growling at him but it looked like he didn't even notice him. His eyes were on me. He took a step closer to me. And I thought Edward was about to kill him right then and there.

"Edward, move she doesn't want to be with you. She loves me. Leave her alone. Can't you see your hurting her? You have to let her go Edward. Wouldn't you want to see her happy? Or are you too sick to let her go?" He said this as calm as he could. He had this look on his face like he was so mellow.

He looked like one of those guys on Law & Order who needed to be in a straight jacket. Edward growled louder and just then James was on the ground. Emmett then got him on the ground in a headlock. I've never seen Emmett go after anything like that since the time he went after that duck when I was 8.

I then thought it was a good idea not to see anymore. I went back down as I buried my face into Edwards back. I didn't want to see anymore. I felt Edward's erg to just go and kill him himself but I knew he was controlling himself for me. And for that I am forever grateful for.

"Take him to the hospital and show them all the evidence that we have to prove that he's been stalking Bella. The nurses will know what to do. Especially Carlisle he's already prepared." Edward said tightly.

Emmett got to his feet and I think pulled James with him. I was hearing struggles to get away but of course he was not even one tenth as strong as Emmett.

“Bella," James said pleadingly. I kept my face in Edward's back; but Edward turned around so that I would be hugging his chest rather than his back. He wrapped his arms around me. I wasn't even crying about this. It was just a nightmare being over. A relief.

"Bella. Bella, tell them to let me go tell them how your in love with me," He said again in his mellow voice. I froze when he said this. In love with him? I don't think so. The only person I am and will ever be in love with is Edward. And I needed to make it clear with crazy over there. I turned my head to look at him and Edward's chin rested on the top of my head too.

"James I am not in love with you." I said it without hesitation. But I did feel bad when he started to cry. I bit my lip and put my face into Edward's chest. He kissed my head and then it was over. He was out of my room because I then heard the front door slam. I sighed and looked up at Edward.

Now he had his worrying face on. I only smiled and kissed his chin. I was still to short to kiss him without going on my tippy toes but I wanted to tell him that I was alright first.

"Edward i'm fine, now that this nightmare is over with we can go back to things of how they were." I said and it put a smile on his face and he leaned down and kissed my nose. I then looked at my room and frowned. This is definitely going to give Alice an excuse to redo my room. Great just great. Where was I going to sleep tonight? No way will I sleep in one of my siblings or parents beds.
They have been used and not for sleeping either. EW. Esme was back for the moment already cleaning up of the glass that was scattered on my carpet. In a blink of an eye she was done. But I was too tired to wait for my room to be done. I sighed then yawned. I probably would whined up sleeping on the sofa and waking up to a clown face. Emmett did it to me once when I was 7. I cried for hours. Edward didn't like what he did to me either so he held him down while Alice dressed him up like a princess. Rose helped because she didn't like what Emmett did to me either. Alice painted his face with sparkles, pink lipstick, blue eyeshadow, and red blush. He had to wear it around for hours. It was pretty hilarious.
"Bella do you want to sleep?" Edward asked.

"No, its OK. I'll just wait until Esme's done with my room." I yawned again but as I said this my eyelids were already drooping and Edward chuckled quietly and walked me to his room.

When I got there I was confused. Was this Edward's room? Had I walked into the wrong room or was I so tired that I was imagining things? His room still looked the same except for the HUGE bed in the middle of the room. It was gold and shiny. I looked up at Edward in confusion. He chuckled quietly and then shrugged. It was probably just in case something would happen to mine I guess. He walked me (literally I couldn't stand anymore) to the bed and laid me down. Then like in my bed I curled up onto his chest and he wound his arms around me.

There was no doubt that I could fight my heavy lids anymore. I was already asleep.

I had a dream about how Edward & I were at the meadow confessing our love for one another and at the part when Alice should of called in she didn't. Edward did manage to bunch my shirt up over my head and kissed my lips and my throat all at once. It went by so quickly and it was so perfect. I remember every cold touch as his hands and arms encircled around me.

Then out of nowhere he was holding me too tight. I couldn't breathe. I looked him in the eyes and his eyes were a flat black. It was then like he was transforming into someone else. Just then his hair turned blonde and his eyes turned blue. He was James.

"See Bella, I told you we would be together forever."

"Bella!" He shook me again gently. My eyes snapped open and Edward's concerned face was in front of mine.

"NO!" I screamed. I must of whimpering in my sleep because Edward was shaking me trying to get me awake. "No." I said again curling into Edward's chest again.

"Shhh. Your ok. It was just a dream. Your alright." He said rubbing my back. I noticed I had tears streaming down my face, but trully, I didn't care. I was here with Edward and I would never have to deal with James again. He was gone. Now it could be just me and Edward. Us. Together.

Thanks also to Stevie Rae Johnson ! ;D


Most is the same... But yeah. i added a few words here and there

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awww, this was so goood!
write more please.
you have a talent ;)
Where did you find this! it's awesome (:
Well I realy like it..Pls don't stop...it's a beautiful story
i didn't find it i wrote it with Stevie Rae Johnson help .
Taylor X said:
Where did you find this! it's awesome (:
this is awsome!!!!!....you need 2 keep writting!!!

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