i have started to write a book and need some help could people plzz help me it is called death is always there

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what help do you need?
any would be helpful i am up to the part in it where the main characters are about to go to the church to go to the house they will live in at the start of the book about chapter 4 to chapter 10
writing is my passion. i have been doing it for years. what do you need help with? i have completed a book and plan on writing several more.. let me know
robert , i write too, and i have won 2 competitions of writing in paris, i could give u anyhelp u want
see ya
sure i guess
If there is a girl and guy you should have them like start to like each other or something. I'm writing a book of short stories myself!!! GOOD LUCK!
the main charecter can be a girl her andn her boyfriend can run away from home and go to this club where only teend can go and their the only ones htat can c it to but a vampire or a werewolve can come in that night and start a hunting game and everybody has to run and hide or he will kill u

idk im not very creative but do something like that and call it the killing games death is a good name for that i guess but its up to u not us
hun thats a amazing story wow im littlee dizzy
ermm i kinda changed it now lol i will post a new one as soon as i can if i dnt get the chance email me or add me on msn i am rfwdrwho@hotmail.co.uk x

bella crazy muff sis said:

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