I decided to WRITE! thanx if u read it. Yes I did change the names beside for the people I have permission from. But Most people know who is who.

Third Grade it's long thats whats I thought as I approached the school doors. Why did I have to move they won't like me anyway.I missed Liberty and her 5 cats I went to visit every day after school. Although she is 5 years older than me we got along really well. No more than they did in Jasper. But we had to move here. TO WINSLOW! I don't like it. I can escape I thought and giggled under my breathe. I wouldn't even think about it. Walking into the school for the first time I got four looks by eight eyes that looked angry. Wow Vicious I thought. They looked like angry cats. To find out they were. The Posse.....Thats what they called them selves.I avoided them as much as possible that year. The posse included Bailey, A tall curly haired girl with braces, Natashia, Long blonde headed girl who looked welcoming but wasn't, Tiffany, actually I could get along with her if I was forced , Michelle, Who was nice I liked her. Staring at them I ran into a girl.
        "Ouch" I said as she helped me up.
        "Sorry" I said "I suppose I was having a staring match with those girls, I'm Allison"
        "I'm Grace" She said "My mom is a teacher here"
        "Oh" I said "Who are those girls anyway?" I asked.
        "Them??" She said "That's the posse, Don't worry about them or you'll just become dead meat." Thats when the bell rang and we all headed for class. Grace and I became good friends along with Sarah, Logan, and Briana. The year was long but I made it through it. But the posse had a secret I swore they just didn't want to tell me.....Or thats what I thought. But I never asked what their problem was or Why they didn't talk to me like normal people I just stayed out of their way. But forth grade would be different. I just didn't know that yet. It would change My LIFE and HERS too. I would "Steal her" from her current friends which I never did understand......She could she her old friends if she wanted too but She chose that she didn't want too. And I said okay. But I was just to terrible for the rest of them. I was to wierd or to Short or not cool enough. Well I bet she regrets that now because guess what..... Bailey never went back to the posse. Natashia didn't understand She wanted a new life style. But forth grade changed us all I suppose.

Forth Grade Wizards
Looking back on it forth grade was a very good year. or an Okay year. First day You usually walk in on time, New clothes, Pretty hair, But I never showed......I was my orthodontist......Getting braces. And I knew when I walked into Mrs.Nelson's class room she wouldn't be there. Mrs. Hardin would. But she was nice. Mrs.Nelson had just had her 4th child. His name was Ethan. This was Grace's little brother, to turn out I would be in her mom's class. Isn't it funny how things turn out. Thats what I thought when I walked into the classroom, about four hours late, And saw that I would be sitting by Bailey. And that Natashia would be sitting behind me. When they saw me gasp then sigh they giggled then waved. Lucky me I thought. But I didn't give up....yet. I put my new school supplies away and sat at my desk. But I couldn't think about anything besides sitting next to Bailey.I'm gonna die...She's gonna kill me I thought. But she never did. Although Natashia tried to pull Bailey's and my bond out from under our feet but it didn't work. We talked everyday and turned out to be those friends that teachers won't let sit by each other. Sisters forever.........But later this meant literally......Forever and Ever......Never dieing love for each other meant another meaning for us.

 Fifth Grade is insane and Lasts Forever With Sierra on our tail all the time we Ignored her...It worked quite nicely. If the Posse didn't bother us we didn't bother them. But there's a new member, Ally. She's really nice! Bailey and I were surprised when we found this out. Wow we thought. And later we found out she was funny. And Smart. And now she's the brains behind the posse. We made more friends as we lived on. Including Brooklyn, Adam, CJ, And Dylan. Bailey met Libby to and they became friends the same way Libby and I had became friends.
        Bailey began spending the night. We played in the woods a lot at my house. But one day that all changed. While playing in the woods We saw a snake took our natural instinct and RAN! I ripped my jeans and fell in a puddle, Bailey must have found this pretty funny and Began laughing really hard. I wiped the sticky mud from my face and began laughing with her. All of a sudden as we went to blink We were lifted by something We both screamed. But what or whoever it was we couldn't see. We could just see my house about a mile away. I figured I was gonna die so I shouted out   "Whoever has the back of my shirt your stretching it out and Bailey bakein' cookies, apple pie forever." I said.
      Then a faint voice from above said "You guys wont die but just they opposite.                   "uuuu  uummmmmm......I thought Hello?? I'm already living. Are you blind? But I figured Allison your are way to high up this tree to make him mad. He might drop you. We finally stopped at a branch. "Okay Get your hands off me" I heard Bailey say. I giggled. I figured Bailey had already persuaded them not to kill us. She was good at persuading people. I heard Bailey scream. OMG I thought. And that was my last thought. To turn out Whoever they were Did kill us. But only from our human life. We were now Vampires and were insanely bugged with the same questions in our minds. Who were they? Why did they come for us?? We would have to train ourselves now. How to hunt, How to turn, How to think?? But our biggest question in our minds where How where we gonna explain it to our moms?

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Yes this is a tale about vampires and werewolves and my long life struggle. I'm a new born. and if u guys don't like what I write about don't read, Don't comment. Don't mean to be mean but it's the truth

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