A few weeks ago i FINALLY finished reading BD(yay),although i LOVED it is not my absolute fav,but is in my top 3(#4 is NM).
But as much as i loved it i feel that SM left me hanging,like where on the last page says THE END is NOT RIGHT!!!!
That the last ch named The hapily ever after shouldnt be there yet.She left me with a LOT of questions and manny things to be curious about.I feel that she wrote this last book rushed,like she really didint take enough time to really tie some loose ends,to really end the saga.
I think that she could have done so much more w some of the new characters that she introduced us to in BD,or really just dont end it yet.
Like JKR,she did 7 books and although she was very thourough in finishing it and she admitted that she cried when she finished DH that she really didint want to let go of her beloved characters,i feel SM said goodbye to her beloved characters too soon and too quick.
For example,i was very interested in the egyptian coven(i love all things egypt)specially Benjamin(i liked him a lot),i would have liked to see Amun come around and change his mind about Reneesme,i would have liked to know if Garret finally adopted the vegetarian lifestyle.If he and Kate stay together,if he finally found in Kate his soulmate and stoped being a Nomad and settle down w the Denali coven,how Kate and Tanya are coping w the loss of Irina.
Hey maybe even a little cat fight between Bella and Tanya(lol) although there is no competition Edward belongs to Bella.
And i KNOW that the Volturi wont forget what hapened,maybe years later they would look for another excuse to desintegrate the Cullens and try to collect Alice or Bella or even Edward.More sexual and loving interaction between Bella and Edward(all in good taste of course).
Maybe Bella seing her mother again even though she is so percepitve,i think SM let go of that too quickly also.
And last but not least what about Jake and Reneesme??? what next??? Whats going to happen when she stops growing up?? How is that relationship gonna be???
Well... tell me what u think!!! do u agree w me???

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lol i bet we have all thought of these things...i know i did! what next is Midnight Sun....Edwards POV of twilight. I read somewhere that she is not saying that she is 100% done with twilight....she just want to do some other things for a while. if she feels the need to go back and write some more then she will. I am so hoping for a renesmee/jacob book. and i want the whole volturi thing settled for good. they need to be unseated from their place of power....I also want to know how they explain bella's absence from the world to renee....and how they explain renesmee. doesnt renee deserve to know her grandaughter?

I definitely hope for more books from SM....maybe a sequel to the host....or a completely new book series. or maybe even publish Forever Dawn....i would love to see how things would have been without a NM or an eclipse....

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