Now over here in Italy is alredy 1 o'clock in the morning and more than two hours ago I came back from the cinema where I saw The Twilight Saga: New Moon. And that's not a joke, I swear I did.
In fanct in France, Spain and Italy the release date of the film was November 18, and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to be among the crowd.
My quick comment is that it's like reading the book, or better seing it through images. My favourite scenes out of the ones we already know are: the breaking up, the cliff diving and the fighting in the Volturi's lair, which of course are longer. I also loved Bella saving Edward scene, plus a number of small intimate moments of Bella alone and Bella dealing with the other characters, as well as the very last 10 seconds which are a VERY-BIG-SURPRISE.
You probably won't be disappointed by the movie, and be sure you won't miss Edward, even he's not around...
... And Edward's sparkling skin is much better than in the previous film.

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hy I am french and I have just seen new moon I dont read the book so it was a very surprise. at the begining i don't like jacob but finaly he was attractiv and interesting. Why are you desapointed?
I'm not disappointed, absoloutely not. I was just telling people "they wouldn't be diappointed.
I want to know what happens at end but I'm going in 9 hours to uk midnight premiere!!!! Glad you liked it French rock!!!!!
wooop woop!! im going to see it tomorow when it comes out here!:D did they keep the truth scene in between bella and edward and the propsal,they are my fave parts in the whole book!!! im SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

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