I just finished reading Eclipse...I cried like a baby...!!!!! Anyone else??

I was completely sobbing...!!! I couldn't get ahold of myself. Her books are so popular because they touch a personal place in our hearts..I can't wait to start on BD..

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i didnt cry when i read the books but after i saw eclipse for the first time i cryed at the end and my cousin was making fun of me so we had to wait untill everyone else left the theater before we could leave. lol i had to leave with my hood on. :)
That is so funny..LOL.. I didn't cry at the movie..Which is weird cuz my husband took me and it was the first time we watched a movie together without the kids since we got married..Ten years...He's not the sentimental type, so it shocked me he even asked me...The book, shew, I couldn't stop crying at the end...Jacob broke my heart...I know she belongs with Edward, but Jacob loves her sooooo much...Man, that girl is lucky....The book was so much more in depth..I think that's what got me. I hadn't read the book when I watched the movie. If I had of, I would have cried... Just to know what they were thinking from the book when I watched the movie would have pushed me over the edge...I am getting ready to read BD...I hate that it's the last one...What will I do???? Read em again...LOL...
I am dying to read it..I read the first three already this week..If there were more books to the series, I would end up being divorced...LOL...I loooooooooved that part..What I would give to be "courted" like that....Ahhhh, Edward, I will always have you in my dreams...I am not in love with Rob...Just Edward...

Linda Miller said:
The book didn't make me cry, but I did get misty eyed when Edward described in the movie how he would have courted Bella back in his time. How simplistic things were back then, almost makes you wish things were still like that. If the book Eclipse made you cry, wait til you read Breaking Dawn, towards the end there is a part where I completely lost it.

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