im in love with twilight and need some one to talk to about it!!

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I lov Jasper ^^
Hello:) .
Oh don't worry, I have the same problem :P .
What would you like to discuss.?
Besides that we both love :) .
my friends all get annoyed by me because all i ever talk about is twilight haha.
or harry potter. but the point is to talk about twilight.
omg i know how you feel i don't have no one to talk TWILIGHT wid && my parents think im obessed but i am who kan blame me ..

so what you like to discuss.?
my parents totally make fun of me when i talk about it. lol
lol yeah i know, everyday i am like __ days until twilight and they are all like oh my god., only i know that im not the only one who got addicted to TWILGHT!!
all of my friends say that i must be crazy coz my topics with them were all about twlight and my EDWARD!!
and guess what!? few night ago when i hang around in HARTAMAS, i saw houses built exactly like the WHITE HSE~!!!
waiting for twilight DVD to be released!!
u can always add me and we can chat over there!!
i' totally understand what r u feeling girls! i'm a french twifan! i discovered this websibe tanks to a friend on facebook ! lol and i love twilight and edward! who doesn't love him !
he's so hot ! and so my friends just fed up with twlight (not all) but i can't stop talking about it ! so if u girls wanna talk more with me u can also add me on msn or facebook : my email is :
i hope some of u will add me :) ^__^
Oh my Edward had his hair cut!!!
actually i more prefer his old hair style..short hair for him is kinda of .. ..
he looks HOT with his long hair!!
Btw,is he going to act in New Moon with this short hair?!? hard to imagine..
anyway, i’ll support u forever and always!!
i believe he will act with his hair short because i heard hes already done filming his stuff in vancouver
he didnt get it re-cut though, because it was already short.
but they might have given him a wig. who knows.
i don't find a pic of rob with his new hair cut !! i wanna see ! if someone could send me a link it will be nice

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