I miss the old crew you guys were amaz balls you know who u are :) I miss all of you I miss your guise story's and how funny they got and stuff . If your part of the crew comment!!

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I was apart of the crew before i got dragged off to rehab.

Hey Kelly, its me. Michelle.

Oh ma god haaaaaaayyyyyy what's up ?
Not much. I'm still 14. I still write, but with way better grammar. John and I are just friends now. And quite frankly, I don't like Twilight as much as I used to and that really bothers me.
Don't worry your not the only one I'm not a obsessed fan anymore, I don't write anymore because I'm incredibly lazy the only time I do write is when I'm wrighting songs, sucks to hear you guys broke up though its awesome you can be friends :)
Eh,i suppose its for the best anyways.
I don't write fanfiction at all, i write freelance. Basically whatever i want to write and i love doing it.
It makes me feel like i have some type of purpose in this world. Zack and i have a better relationship. On Wednesday nights we hang out together. We call it "Sibling Bonding Night" and we usually either go to the arcade, the movies, or we rent a film from RedBox and eat a whole bunch of junk food.
My parents have been really supportive of me. My cousin, the one who had cancer, died on June 25th of Kidney failure because the Chemo was too much for his body to handle. Honestly, ever since I stopped trying to micro-manage my life and plan everything out, my life has been pretty beast.
Sure, theres a couple people i want to punch in the face, but doesn't everyone have those few people they despise?
I miss the crew and all, but i honestly don't miss the old me.
Sure, I've changed. But i think it's for the better. Ever since i got outta that god-awful rehab center, i feel like a new person and it feels f****** awesome.
Guys..? It's Rachel! Or rikki.. Whatever I used on here. Hahah do you remember me?!
Hey it's liz

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