I need HELP for the BD part 2 Premiere... PLEASE!!!

Hey yOu Guys!!

My name is Jimena, and I'm pretty much begging for your help.

I live in Mexico City, but like I'm a BIG TWILIGHTER I've been saving money to go the last premiere of all in Los Angeles.

I was checking the last year Summit's release about the camping and everything (that it sounds sooo confusing). I apologize if I'm being pushy or something like that but I REALLY REALLY REAAALLY need some help from someone who actually experienced this. 

Those things about the wristband, and the line, and the camping... they're kind of frustrating me. I'm mexican and this is my first time EVER in the USA, actually I´ve just been approved for mi Visa, so I don't even know anything about LA and I'm going by myself. I've been checking and have some ideas about hotels and maybe transportation but that's all, and the thing that worries me the most is that I can not be there for a long of time, I work here and I'm in my last semester at College, so during those days I will have to deliver papers, and exams and stuff like that, I will definetely ask permission in both but you know I can't be absent for too long and I don't want that to affect me, but I´m willing to risk my future (haha so dramatic) just to be there.

I´ve been checking info about previous Twilight premieres, but know I´m worried because of the Lionsgate thing absorbing Summit and that know they´re doing it as in THG with the registration and that... I don´t know if there were the first 400 to register the only ones that had access...

With the BDPart 1 premiere I´ve heard that it was unfair how people got a better place for the wristband when they arrived after most of the people did. I don´t know if some of you know about the THG but I checked and found ot that it was better organized. But for the previous premieres the line started at 6 am right?, but I´m guessing that you have to spend all night before out there, right? How dangerous isthat? And how do you know when to start lining up? I mean is there an unofficial line before??

I´ve also seen that there where like two "tent cities". A lot of people got wristbands but It didn´t mean that they got the option to be on the actual premiere so... how are the places at the carpet asigned? What do you have to do to get the ones in the front? I don´t see the point of camping if that is not ensuring you a good spot or is it? 

Believe me, I DO want to camp, it seems so cool but...  like i´m going by myself i think that I might need to reserve a close hotel so that way I can shower or charge mi phone or my laptop or just to keep my stuff, I mean, that´s what I think but... do I actually need that?

I know that I won´t be the only one coming from some other place, but I don´t know neither how they do that. I´m really on a short budget so I don´t want to spend money on a hotel if I don´t need it, and I´m also worried that if I go to the hotel to shower someone during that time might take my place since I won´t have someone to save it for me. 

I´m a HUGE Robsessed and that's why I'm giving away all my savings just to have a little chance to see him.

Once again I apologize for all my questions, but I REALLY need some help, It´s getting CLOSER AND CLOSER!

And also, who´s going this year??

Thank you soooooo much just for reading it. 

Jimena Perez :D

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