so i have spoken to my mom about a tattoo, and finally she agreed to give me one.
so i'm thinking maybe a quote from twilight/newmoon/eclipse/breakingdawn..
that's why i need your help, i don't know which one, and i don't really know where i should put it.
please help (:<3
(but if you know any other good quote you can write it to :). )

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Make sure it is something meaningful to you. Check out my photos to see the quote I used on mine. The outlining is the worst part of the tattoo but it is so worth it. I just got mine on Tuesday. I still have to go back to get some detailing finished.
before getting that tattoo think about this....would i regret getting this tattoo 5 or 10 years from now?
I'm older than most posters here, so from my perspective, I would recommend thinking long and hard before getting a tattoo and, if you get a tattoo, what it will be.

Tattoos are mainly for life; the process to get them removed is not always the best choice because of a person's natural type of scarring. When we age, gravity has an unfortunate effect on our skin, and I've seen some older women with some mutant butterflies on their hooters.

Now, about choosing a quote from Twilight as a years to come, Twilight will not be regarded as it is now, but will be seen as mainly a very young woman's obsessive type deal. It's just how hindsight changes the reality of what occurred. When you are 40, do you want to have a living reminder of what your obsession was at your age now?

Put another way, what did you watch when you were four years old? If it was Sesame Street, would you now like to have a tattoo that quotes Cookie Monster?

My daughter, as an adult, got a few tattoos. She told me about them, of course, but it wasn't until I visited her that I got a look at her tramp stamp--Holy, toledo, it was big. She could have put the entire Emancipation Proclamation in that space. She now works as a ranch-hand and runs tours, etc. It's a very conservative operation, and she makes a great effort not to let her tramp stamp show.

So just think about it and ask you mom's advice regarding what you actually get as a tattoo. Like it or not, your mom imparted to you her basic sense of values, and she is at the age now where, if you make an unwise tattoo choice, you will be wishing you hadn't chose that way.

Just my opinion...your mileage may var.
I agree aout quotes in general as tattoos. As I mentioned in another post, gravity does unfortunate things to our skin as we age, and I've seen some "quotes" that were illegible because the skin was changed from gravity compared to when the person got the tattoo.

Also, if you do get a quote, make sure you know the tattoo artist, and don't get a tattoo of a quote from another language unless you can read the language and make sure what you get is what you want.

Brittany Renouf said:
i really wouldn't get a quote. if anything, get a short one from your favorite book, and make sure it isn't the popular quotes like "and so the lion fell in love with the lamb" or anything like that. like nicole said, find something meaningful to you, and make sure you get a nice font for the writing!

and where to put it...i have no clue, sorry not a lot of help.

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