I was bitten by Goodnight Juliet! New twiband for twifans!!

...so I was on myspace today, and I came across this song on someone's page. IT BLEW MY MIND!!
It's called "Lets Never Die" by Goodnight Juliet. They are a new up and coming band that is trying to get their song into "new moon" or "eclipse". I for one am going to do all I can to support them in their campaign! They not only deserve to be in the movie, but the movie deserves to have their song in it!

I know that I would love to hear more from this band..so please check them out and support them by spreading the word to every twilight fan you know!

their url is:



P.S. I can GUARANTEE that they will be the next biggest band!! Aaaannnd...they're really nice people! They talk to all their fans and treat them like best friends! I love these guys!

Thanks for getting the word out..I'm going to support them! :D

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I agree! Goodnight Juliet is Amazing! They do treat everyone like they are best friends forever and its amazing :) So down to earth from the first to the last one you greet! They are amazing!
hey my myspace is http://www.myspace.com/simplemindedwitch :) Feel free to add me
Omg..I love this band!!!!! The song is on my myspace!!! add me on myspace too: www.myspace.com/shopaholic120404

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