Ok so I want to write another book but I'm havin writers block 
So can yu guys help me come up with ideas. And offcourse it's gnna be about vampire (:
- Lots Of Love .! <3

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I'll email u

Ana Cullen <3 said:
Ohhh do yu want to talk abt it.?

Mrs. Nicole Cullen said:
I can't thonk of them right now but as soon as I think of one I'll tell you. My mind is kind of busy right now

Ana Cullen <3 said:
Omfq I love that one.! Imma write it down but do yu have more .? So I can hve an option 
Omq.! It's qudd.!

Madeleine Cullen said:
Ok so there's this (vampire) girl who escapes from the Volturi, and she finds the Cullens in Forks on her escape, and she becomes one of them, but then she has an affair with Jasper, and Alice drives them both out. 
Ohhh I lik that idea 2.!

Sarah Elizabeth said:

I would call it Breakout or Oppressed personally 

Sarah Elizabeth said:

How about you're character you've created lives in an oppressed world where she works for the government of sorts and those people know about vampires and are constantly sending you out to find more vampires so they can either serve those of the government or be slaughtered. The world is oblivious to it and are so brainwashed they believe that vampires are only creatures in scary stories. Then she breaks out and leaves the government and they don't even care until she comes out to the public about it. They then go out and try to hunt you down but other vampires broke out as well and joined your fight and the resistance, other humans who believe in your cause come to fight with you. It could be something like that, a battle against the government? It would be a neat story I think :p 

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