If Bella didn't name her child Renesmee, wat should she have named her?

Honestly I think Renesmee was the only name, I can't really imagine anything else...but if I had to choose, it would be something pretty like Melanie <33

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I think Renesmee was the best name and the only name for her. It just fits any other name just wouldnt work :)
Anything as long as not Edward Jacob.
Grr, I am totally piss off when Bella was going to name her child as EJ.
I am deeply loathe Jacob for the whole story!
Especially the part of he was going to kiss Bella but fortunately disturb by the phone call - which was Edward to ask about Bella.( good job, Edward! XD )
And in the Eclipse, the kissing between Bella and him!
I was going to throw the book over the wall and tear off the pages when i read through them.
when i first read the name i was like are you crazy, but by the end of the booki couldn't imagine her with a different name and i think it's perfect after all
heya i completly aggree i L O V E the name renesmee lol i think it has to meny e's though

bedwarda [bella+edward] jaqueline [from jacob] alazper [alice+jasper] emmalie [emmet+rosalie]
all cute but................renesmee is TOO perfect to not be the right name!!!! the names gr8 and it stays!!!!
I agree that name is perfect
I reckon charlise!!!!
Maybe Elizabeth or Avril!!!!!!! But i love Renesme to much!!!!!!!!!
I think Renesmee is the perfect name. Like it says, it's one of a kind like her!
I love the name renesmee and I couldn't imagine her as anything else. If I had to choose it would probably be Elizabeth, Chelsea, Rikki( it's my nickname but it's unique just like her) or Lilly. Don't ask me why I choose these names I just did. :)

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