if someone offered you 20 thousand dollars or a chance 2 meet robert pattinson whoch would you choose?

I would choose the money. I love love robert but money is magicial.

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20,000. I'm realistc.. I got bills to pay and If I meet him it wouldn't last.. I could make that $$ into something :) lol
Ooh yeah tough choice, but money maybe...?
I would love to meet Rob, but, yeah, he wouldn't really remember me, but I could accomplish a big dream of mine with a lot of money.
Umm. . . 20,000 dollars b/c I can PAY to MEET Rob AND have some extra cash left over!! xD Ahaha!!
The money!! I love Rob and I think he's a great actor but I'm a practical woman!!
the 20Gs hands down
i will prefer the money then afterwards i get a detective and kindnappaed him 4 at least 1 week !!(and do watever i want wth him!!)
i would choose money and buy robert pattinson
i choose money too..becuz i can use the money to meet rob ...wahaha
I am that obsessed, that it would have to be Rpatzz. Crazy, I know. But 20 thousand, isn't really that much..wouldnt buy me a house, would only pay off debts....which I'd have to do anyway, regardless if I have 20k or not! ...if we were talking bigger bucks, then yes, I'd take the money.
Definitely the 20,000. Sorry Rob..Your a hawtie and all but i got bills and a kid to support. Besides I've met stars before and all it is - is a tease!
I would meet Rob i would rather have the chance to actually say i meet Rob then take the money
well the money would be nice, but im young and i would just waste it, so probably the chance to meet robert pattinson, as i absolutely love him, although i would probably just cry the entire time, but they would be tears of joy :)

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